5 Unique Potato Pancake Recipes

When we think of traditional Hanukkah foods, we think of one thing: latkes! Lots and lots of latkes. It doesn’t get more satisfying than a perfectly fried potato pancake, and usually the only decision we have to make is whether to top it with sour cream or applesauce. This year, though, we’re making your latke decisions just a little harder— and a lot tastier! It’s all thanks to Food Network, who inspired us to dive into the realm of alternative and unique latke recipes like we’ve never seen before. The classic is anything but basic, and we can’t wait to share what we found with you. Check out our five favorite twists on traditional latkes.

  1. Matzo Latke
    MatzoLatkeWithSalmonMartha Stewart

    Bring a little bit of Passover into Chanukah with this first idea that adds matzo crumbs and cottage cheese to the basic potato latke. When it’s topped with salmon rosettes and horseradish cream, it’s a twist on tradition even your bobe will love.
  2. Oven-Fried Latkes
    OvenBakedLatkesFood Network

    Our taste buds might love having eight nights straight of delicious latkes, but our bodies definitely won’t love evening after evening of fried carbs. One way to still enjoy them without sacrificing your health? These oven-baked versions made with egg whites and topped with sugar-free applesauce or reduced-fat sour cream.
  3. Sweet Potato Latkes

    Another way to pack a little more nutrition into the fried treat? Use sweet potatoes! Their orange color adds a little color to the festivities, and their sweet taste makes the latkes an even more perfect after-dinner delight.
  4. Crispy Two Potato Cake
    2PotatoLatkeFood Network

    Can’t decide between regular potatoes and sweet potatoes? Then don’t! Instead, use this recipe that calls for both russets and sweet potatoes – and then adds some chile powder! – for the ultimate potato pancake.
  5. Apple Latkes
    AlternateApplePotatoPancakesFood Network

    Are you on Team Applesauce when it comes to topping your latkes? Then you’re going to LOVE this totally different take. Nigella Lawson’s recipe takes the latke from side dish to full on dessert by making them with grated apples and topping them with maple syrup.

Want even more variations on latkes? Then be sure to check out Food Network’s original list for more ideas! Which one is your favorite? Will you try any of these this Chanukah? Do you think your family would like them?