5 Tips to Take Care of Your Home

Taking care of a home isn’t an easy or an envied task. There are a lot of little things that you need to do, but if you ask any homeowner, those little things add up. Remembering to maintain your home can be a pain, but the payoff is very rewarding. Here are 5 things that every homeowner that should know how to do, in order to better take care of your home:


5. Take Care of Your Roof


Although it’s often forgotten, taking care of your roof is one of the most important things that you can do in home maintenance. Whether you’re going up there to clean your gutters out, fix a leak or inspect for weather damage, it’s something that you need to do a few times a year. When you ascend to the top of your home, be careful! Many roofs are steep and slippery, which could be the right equation for a major disaster. If something looks too difficult to deal with, don’t think of that as a way to prove how macho you are. Instead, try calling some roofing professionals. They’ll be thankful for the business, and you won’t have to worry about hurting yourself. You could also consider installing solar panels. This will requaire some extra effort, but is well worth it. Companies like Vivint review the industry to give the best information possible for you, the consumer. Upgrades to your home like this can drastically increase the equity, save you money, and are always worth looking into.


4. Clean the Chimney


When you go to clean your chimney, the goal is to remove soot, blockages and damper. Doing so will make the operation of your fireplace much better, for you. You should inspect your chimney at least once a year, to make sure that everything is working properly. Having your chimney cleaned once a year, though it may seem like a hassle, is a smart move. Make sure your chimney is properly cleaned and don’t take a chance on having an inconvenient chimney fire.


3. Check the Pipes


Frequently check your plumbing system. Look at the pipes, make sure that they are well put together and not leaking. If you miss a leaky pipe, you could be paying through the nose to repair the flood damage. It’s expensive, time consuming and really annoying. Make sure to go throughout the entire house, inspect your pipes and call a plumber if anything seems wrong.


2. Regularly Clean


As a kid, I remember dreading Saturdays. I was finally out of school, the sun is shining, weather is good, and my mother would make me stay indoors to clean my room that I’d been making a mess out of. Instead of setting aside one day to clean your home, do a little bit, every day. One day you can clean the bathrooms, the next you can vacuum, etc. Have everyone in the family take 15 minutes a day to clean up, around your place. Your home will be much cleaner, more enjoyable, and you’re not going to be hating your days off when you’re forced to do your cleaning. Once or twice a year you should set aside a day to do an intense deep clean. This will be easier if you are cleaning regularly, and will help keep your home from falling into disrepair.


1. Clean Out the Refrigerator


A dirty refrigerator can make your kitchen, and sometimes your entire home, smell like last month’s leftovers. The night before the garbage man comes, go through your fridge to see what you can and can’t use, still. Check the expiration dates, make sure your milk isn’t chunky and chewable, and wipe off the shelves. It will be easier to navigate your refrigerator, more pleasant smelling and you won’t have to worry about any bugs creeping into your fridge and trying to eat your food.


There are so many little things that homeowners have to worry about, but if everybody does their part every day, it won’t seem nearly as bad. You’ll have a clean, well maintained home, and you will better enjoy your family and friend time.