5 Tips for Thrift Store Success

Thrifting can be a fun and frugal adventure, but you want to make sure you’re actually scoring deals when you’re making thrift store purchases. Here are some tips to help you be successful on your next trip to the thrift store:

  • Holy Brands: since brand names tend to be higher quality and might therefore last longer, keep an eye out for them in thrift stores. PT Money, for example, found a North Face fleece for $5 and a J. Crew button up for $5 on their last thrift store foray.
  • Thrifty No-No’s: there are some things that are great to find at a thrift store, but others (like underwear, socks and worn shoes) that your should probably steer clear of.
  • If It Fits: you’ll want to be sure that things fit before you buy them, even at a thrift store. But be prepared for the store to not have a fitting room. So, for instance, you could wear leggings to easily try on skirts – and/or a tight tank top so you can try on shirts over it.
  • Cash Out: carrying a bit of cash is good because it helps you enforce your spending limit. Also, a lot of thrift stores don’t accept credit cards, so you want to be prepared to buy what you find without cards.
  • Check it Out: make sure you examine purchases for holes, stains, missing pieces, imperfections and other problems thoroughly before you buy!

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