You could argue that all nachos are equal. Granted, nachos in their natural form are delicious almost always – but guess what? You don’t have to settle. There are ways to up your nacho game and you owe it to yourself to give them a try! So-so nachos aren’t going to cut it anymore after you see these 5 unbelievable tips to take your nachos to the next level. Go ahead, watch the video below and treat yourself to the perfect nachos.

Tip 1: Before baking, line your baking sheet with tin foil. This will avoid the whole cheese-sticking-to-the-sheet catastrophe after the fact.

Tip 2: Cheese lover? You might think this means more cheese, but first you need chips to handle that cheese. Go for the thickest chips possible for maximum cheese.

Tip 3: Isn’t it a pain when the cheese is only the top layer of chips? To avoid that, make a layer. Chips, cheese, toppings, repeat. Chip to cheese ratio on point.

Tip 4: Say goodbye to rubbery nachos by always using the oven to bake them. Get that perfect crunch every time!

Tip 5: You might love to layer on the dips, but putting cold dips on top of nachos makes them soggy. Instead, keep dips on the side to keep your nachos crunchy and dry.