Want to do your part when it comes to recycling, especially with Earth Day on the way? You may come across some of the following 5 things while doing some spring cleaning. Send or bring them in to be recycled into something new and exciting!

Panty Hose

Did you know that old hose can be made into park benches, carpets and toys?


Motor Oil

If you change your own oil (awesome for you for saving money on oil changes!) you can take that old fluid to the proper recycling center and it can be refined and sold as recycled motor oil.


Burnt Out Holiday Lights

Send old dead holiday lights to HolidayLEDs and they’ll shred them to make something new and great.


Recycled corks can be remade into shoe insoles, tiles and building insulation.


Brita Filters

Drop old filters off at a Whole Foods or mail them to Preserve to be made into new toothbrushes.