There are ways to save money when buying new glasses. But the absolute best way to save money on glasses is to make the pair you’ve got last as long as you possibly can. Take a look at some tips that will help you keep your eyeglasses and sunglasses in excellent shape:

  1. Don’t Make These Cleaning Mistakes:

    When you clean your glasses, you’ll want to stay away from cleaners with ammonia or alcohol. These can damage the coating on your lenses. Instead, when it’s time for a cleaning, use a mixture of dish soap and water. Use your fingers to rub the solution onto your lenses, then dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth that’s designed for that purpose (to reduce the risk of scratching).

  2. Keep Them Out of Extreme Heat:

    Don’t leave your glasses in your car, for example, on really hot days. Here’s why:
    “Most of today’s frames are typically made by pouring liquefied plastic into a mold, so if they get too hot, they might melt or become too flexible.”

  3. Don’t Wear Your Glasses on Top of Your Head:

    Although this may be a tempting and easy place to put your glasses when they’re not needed, you risk stretching out the earpieces when you do this. There’s also the possibility that the natural oils from your hair and scalp will smudge or otherwise harm your lenses.

  4. Rinse, Don’t Wipe:

    If you get stuff on your glasses while you’re out (like sand at the beach), resist the urge to just wipe them clean on a towel. Instead, just use a water bottle to safely wash away the sand (or whatever) without scratching.

  5. Always Take Them Off Correctly:

    The best way to take your glasses off is with both hands. That way, you’ll avoid loosening to misaligning the earpieces over time.

Thanks to Reader’s Digest for the tips!