5 Science Experiments Your Kids Can’t Wait to Try

These’s nothing better for your kids than when play time becomes an opportunity to learn something. These science experiments will get your kids excited to play, but interested in the “how it works” aspect as well.

1. Invisible Ink

Photo credit: Show Tell Share

Just grab some lemon juice, a q-tip and a sheet of paper. Have your kids write “secret” messages. Then a little bit of heat reveals the message.

2. Fish in a Tank

This is a fun experiment that involves some arts and crafts to start off with. Then, a little spinning of the pencil makes it look like the fishes are swimming in the tank.

3. Egg in a Bottle

Photo credit: Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab

Teach kids about expansion with this cool trick. The kids will definitely be talking about this one in school.

4. Dancing Oobleck

This activity looks super fun and takes oobleck (cornstarch and water), which all kids love, to the next level.

5. Make Rock Candy

Photo credit: WikiHow

Grab some water, sugar, and food coloring to make the sweet science experiment that you and your kids can eat later. Here’s how you do it.