Keep Mosquitoes from Bothering You with 5 All-Natural Repellents that Bother Them Instead

I’m not one of those people who is exempt from being a mosquito magnet. Darting to the edge of my driveway to check the mailbox will result in no less than three bites.

Because of that, I’d welcome any strategy to defeat those suckers and save my skin from turning into itchy polka dots. You with me?

Long hours outdoors may warrant spritzing yourself with a commercial skin repellent, but you don’t have to go the route of an artificial chemical spray if you’re not feeling it. We realize that some people may prefer an alternative if they have skin sensitivities, don’t like the smell of store brand options, or want to stay natural.

This video from Wochit offers five DEET-free tips that may help make you less appetizing to a greedy mosquito. Get prepped with some of these natural options and guard yourself against an attack.

  1. Eat Some Garlic

    How fitting that garlic could be used to keep blood-sucking monsters like mosquitoes away. Garlic releases a compound called allicin which is thought to repel them. It is suggested to eat it fresh so its scent can be released through your pores, but if you can’t tolerate ingesting it in that form, try garlic capsules.

  2. Lavender Love

    While humans enjoy the scent of lavender, mosquitoes do not. Plant some lavender flowers in your yard to repel them from your immediate vicinity. Lavender essential oil has long been used as a treatment for skin ailments like rashes, but you can use some to make a DIY body spritz and repellent.

    Add ½ cup witch hazel with 30 drops of lavender essential oil to a small spray bottle. For an extra boost, squeeze a few drops of citronella oil into the mixture too. Use as needed.

    If you’re a crafty person, whip up some homemade lavender scented candles to burn inside and outside your home.

  3. Dress for Protection

    You may think it sounds silly to wear light hues when outdoors to avoid mosquitoes, but darker colors like black and navy are easier for them to see. Stick to clothing items on the lighter side of the spectrum like khaki, white, or pastels.

    Make sure the fabric is loose fitting so that it’s harder for a bug to strike through to your skin. Take things a step further by treating your clothes with a DIY repellent recipe like the one listed here.

Keep watching for some more anti-mosquito ideas that are synthetic-chemical-free. If you’ll be spending more than a couple of minutes outside, you can also make your own traps to set up around the perimeter of your yard. The small sense of triumph you feel from their demise will be worth it.

Remember that sweat and beer attract mosquitoes, so if you’re outside enjoying a cold one in this summer heat, make yourself less fetching to the buggers by employing one of these tactics.

Would you prefer to use natural ways to repel mosquitoes or are you a DEET devotee? Have you tried any of the methods mentioned above? What other methods do you use to keep skeeters away?