It’s easy to reheat leftovers from the night before to enjoy a frugal dinner. But if you don’t feel like having the exact same dinner 2 or 3 nights in a row, why not try simply manipulating the leftovers to make them taste, and feel, different and more exciting? Take a look at some ideas from The Kitchn:

Wrap a Tortilla Around It

You can put a wide variety of leftover meals into a tortilla to create tacos, burritos, wraps, enchiladas, quesadillas and more. Just combine leftover meat, veggies, salads, grains, etc and wrap them up. Feel free to add cheese, or any other sauces/condiments/ingredients you’d like.

Add a Noodle

If your noodles aren’t already noodle based, consider adding a noodle and easy sauce to your leftovers to give them a new flavor and feel. As the Kitchn says, you can create an instant Hamburger-Helper-esque meal that way.

Curry In a Hurry

Keep a few cans of coconut milk on hand along with your favorite curry paste. Then you can heat this up to revive your leftover meal in a jiffy. Just add in leftover meat and vegetables at the end if they’re already cooked and you’ve got a meal with a completely different flavor profile.

Learn how to make pies and hash out of your leftovers over at The Kitchn’s 5 New Ways to Use Up This Week’s Leftovers.