5 Home Remedies for Whitening Your Teeth

Before you throw money down for some pricey Crest White Strips, try out some of these natural and more affordable remedies for stained teeth:

  1. Apples, Celery and Carrots:

    These foods actually increase saliva production, which acts as your body’s built-in cleaning agent. Also, these foods are high in vitamin C, which helps to prevent gum disease and kill odor-causing bacteria.

  2. Citrus Fruit:

    Just as lemons are good for bleaching your hair, they can work to bleach your teeth a bit as well. Try rinsing with half water and half lemon juice once or twice a week.

    However, do not rinse with this concoction more than two times a week and do not rinse with straight lemon juice. “Overdoing it would be too acidic, which can be damaging to the teeth.” [says Dr. Steven Roth, a cosmetic and implant dentistry expert].

  3. Yogurt, Milk and Cheese:

    Dairy products like these have lactic acid (which helps prevent gum disease and helps with the maintenance of teeth), calcium and vitamin D, which are important for healthy teeth. Even having milk in your coffee can decrease coffee’s staining ability.

  4. Baking Soda (Of Course!):

    This powerhouse cleaner is one of the strongest and safest whitening ingredients out there. Try sprinkling a bit on top of your toothpaste each day. Roth also suggests brushing with straight baking soda twice a month.

  5. Hydrogen Peroxide:

    This stuff has oxidizing agents that can help brighten your smile. According to Huffington Post, a lot of mouthwashes are alcohol based, but hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic. To use:

    Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide with water (about one tablespoon each) and swish around teeth for 60 seconds. “After a minute, spit it out, leaving the bubbling and whitening action of the peroxide [to] sit on teeth for another minute or two, then rinse mouth with water,” said Maccan-Graves [celebrity beauty expert].

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