Feeling blue? Got a case of the Mondays? There are plenty of free ways to make a crappy day just a little bit better. Here are just 5 ideas from Wise Bread:

Fit in a Workout

Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy! Apart from feeling good from the exercise, you can also be proud of yourself that you were able to do something productive during an otherwise subpar day. So work off some of that stress by finding some time to be active.

Perform a Good Deed

A great way to feel good is to do something nice for somebody else. Maybe you could help a neighbor bring in the groceries or offer to pick up a friend’s kids from school. Paying it forward can be a wonderful way to make more than one person happy.

Cross an Item Off of Your To-Do List

Accomplishing a task can also give you a boost and make a bad day seem worthwhile. Take a look at your to-do list and choose something that you can finish today. Crossing that item off of your list should give you instant gratification.

Indulge in a Nap

For most people naps are a rarity, which is why it’ll make you so happy to take one today. It’s probably not ideal to sleep at your desk, so if you want to catch a few winks midday in hopes of the rest of it going smoother, head over to the parking lot and curl up in the backseat of your car. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, either. It’s your lunch break; you can spend it however you’d like.

Create a New List of Short-Term Goals

If you’re feeling unhappy in the moment, it might give you a nice boost to think about things you’re looking forward to in the future, or even just things that you need to get done. Create a list of short-term goals that won’t be too hard to accomplish. For example, the list could include organizing your desk, cleaning your house, tending to your garden, etc. Wise Bread refers to these things as “give-your-life-more-meaning activities,” which should help make you a bit happier.

How do you make a bad day better without spending any money?

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