With the coming of fall usually comes the sniffles and sneezes that are indicative of cold and flu season. Prevent yourself from catching sickness or ease your symptoms with the help of some of these frugal foods:

  • Chicken Soup:

    Mom was right. It actually does help you get better.

    A 2000 study by Dr. Stephen Rennard, confirmed that chicken soup really does help you heal. Soup is gentle on the digestive system and contains tons of valuable nutrients. Throw in some extra veggies to bolster the vitamin content and go easy on the salt.

  • Garlic: alliin, the ingredient that gives garlic its taste, acts as a decongestant and antibacterial that relieves cold and flu symptoms. This ingredient also boosts your white blood cell count and strengthens your immune system.
  • Ginger: this super food relieves sore throats and has pain-relieving qualities (like many over-the-counter medications). It also helps relieve decongestion, combats nausea and soothes body aches. Make ginger tea to calm flu symptoms by cutting fresh ginger into a pot and of water and boiling it.

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