5 Expensive Foods You’ll Want to Avoid This Summer










With summer on the way, you may be looking forward to picnics, backyard barbecues and refreshing cocktails. But before you start planning out all of the things you’re going to eat and drink this summer, you’ll want to take a look at DealNews’ advice. Some summer food staples could be costing you a lot more this year. Take a look:


Believe it or not, beef is fast becoming a luxury item. Here’s why:

Drought conditions in the Southwest coupled with increasing global demand for beef has prices up 56% from 2010, and they aren’t going down any time soon. This pain won’t just be felt at the grill, either: Chipotle is set to raise prices due to beef costs this summer, and other chains

What’s a grill-lover to do this summer? Try substituting using turkey burgers instead. They’re less expensive and healthier!


Limes are a staple in many a summer cocktail (margaritas and mojitos for starters). But unfortunately, we’re in the middle of a serious lime shortage due to Mexico’s heavy rains this past winter (among other problems). So at this moment, you may notice that limes are fetching 4 times their usual price.

To combat this problem, just try to avoid lime-based cocktails at home for now (you shouldn’t notice an increase in price at bars). Luckily, the shortage should be temporary, so when limes arrive late this summer, you should see prices that are back to normal.


Love grabbing coffee at your local mom-and-pop store? Sadly, it looks like those trips may be getting a bit pricier:

Drought conditions in Brazil have driven Arabica coffee production down, causing the price to rise 90%. Large companies like Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts lock in prices years in advance, so you might not see an increase there, but your local mom-and-pops or the supermarket might be another story.

The solution? Make that coffee at home to save as much as possible on your caffeine fix.


It hurts to even write this, but California’s drought is threatening a lot of produce right now, including avocados. There’s even been talk of an Avocadocolypse. However, there’s no need for panic yet. The fruit takes a year to mature, and California is on track to produce 300 million pounds this season. Next season, however, may be a different story.


The cheap packaged salad may not be such a frugal no brainer for summer cookouts this year. It turns out the the cost of lettuce will likely rise 34%, with packaged salad prices are estimated to go up 13%. You may want to look for alternative salad options.

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