Smoothies for breakfast are a great way to start off each day. You can customize them however you’d like for flavor, and you can add in great foods and liquids that give you a nutritional boost. But if cutting up and preparing ingredients takes too much time, it will put you off from your morning smoothie efforts. Luckily, PopSugar has some great tips to speed up your routine and help you stay with it.

  • Make Smoothie Freezer Packs:

We’ve shown you how to do this in a jar, but you can apply the same principal to freezer bags. Just make sure you include instructions on the bags about what liquid ingredients you’ll need to add.
  • Freeze Your Greens:

Buying greens in bulk can save you some money, but not if those greens just go bad in your fridge before you can use them. Save time and money by freezing them for use in your smoothies.You can do this in a couple of ways. Either measure 1-2 cup portions and add them to freezer bags (labeling the bags, of course). Or, you can puree your greens and add them to an ice cuber tray. You can pop out a couple of green cubes to blend whenever you’d like.
  • Keep Chilled Tea in Your Fridge:

Green tea in your smoothies can help to suppress your appetite without adding any calories. It can also help to increase your metabolism, which is very helpful first thing in the morning. So to help speed up the smoothie routine, brew a large batch of tea and let it chill in a pitcher in the fridge. You could even freeze brewed tea in ice cube trays in you’d prefer.
  • Freeze Bananas:

Peel, slice and freeze your bananas to make adding them to your smoothies faster in the morning. You can flash freeze then on a parchment-line pan, then toss them into freezer bags. Added bonus: frozen bananas blend faster.
  • Freeze Coconut Water (or Almond Milk) Instead of Regular Water:

These cubes will add electrolytes and other healthy components to your smoothies. According to PopSugar:

Depending on the size of your ice cube tray, each coconut-water cube is equivalent to about two-thirds to one ounce. For reference, one ounce of coconut water contains five calories, four mg of calcium, and 60 mg of potassium, so grabbing cubes is an easy way to measure without actually measuring.