Our cars: we practically live in them. More often than not, it shows. My car, for instance, is caked with dirt, dust, food, and every other kind of disgusting substance you can imagine. And I know I’m not alone! If you’re looking to take on the chaos of your car, you need these five brilliant car hacks.

Whether you’re looking to dust the impossible nook and crannies that only a car can get dirty or find a way to prop up your phone for GPS purposes, these five hacks are perfect for any proud owner of a motor vehicle.

Grease Your Seat Belt

If your seat belt has a hard time recoiling, it can often hang down by your seat and get stuck in the door when you try to close it. To give your belt the spring it had when it was just a young, spry seat belt, just give it a little spray of some multi-surface polish.

Lift the seat belt up and spray the plastic track which the belt slides on. Wipe the excess moisture away with a cloth and the belt should spring like it used to. This helps to reduce the friction, which is often the problem that slows the belt.

Makeshift Cup Holder

No cup holders to spare? Or maybe not enough? I know mine are usually filled with empty coffee cups. A good idea is to keep a roll of duct tape in the car; this stuff isn’t just handy for an emergency, you can put it on your passenger seat and stick an extra cup inside.

Dust Air Vents

The air vents of your car can get really dusty…and that just means that dust is getting blown right at you! Regular rags can’t clean the small spaces in between vents, but you know what can? Sponge brushes! These are the perfect size and shape to get into the vents and they pick up dust really well.

Makeshift GPS Stand

Got a GPS on your phone but no GPS holder? It’s dangerous and troublesome to hold a phone while you’re driving or try and keep it perched on your lap. Instead of going out to buy a holder that will clip onto your air vent, you can make one for free!

Put an elastic band in your air vent and use a pen to loop it through so it sticks out the bottom. Then you can strap in your phone by sticking it in the top and bottom loops. This will keep your phone in place and your hands off your phone!

Clear Windows

If you’re finding that your windows are misting on the inside, it’s probably getting pretty distracting. And the more you wipe, the more smeared the windows get. An easy way to nix the moisture is with a pair of socks and some cat litter. (Cat litter is designed to absorb moisture.)

Get an old pair of socks, but make sure there’s no holes in them! Fill them with cat litter and place them in your car to absorb any insider moisture.


Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your car neat and organized? Share them in the comments section below.