Ribbons: the perfect material to add special cheer to a present, extra pep to a ponytail, and lots of havoc to your junk drawer. Even if you have a designated area for the colorful spools, you’ve probably wasted more time than you want untangling and rerolling ribbons when you could have used that time to actually put them to use. You can always keep hoping for that custom gift-wrapping station or trying to figure out a way to stack them so they don’t unspool— OR you can spend $5 and about 5 minutes on this super-easy solution from Spunky Junky.

All you need is a slotted Tupperware bin and two 1/4 inch wooden dowel rods. Then just:

  1. Slide your ribbon spools onto the wooden dowels, one ribbon for each hole on the long side of the Tupperware. (Spunky Junky’s fits 12!)
  2. Insert each end of the rods into the short sides of the bin.
  3. Pull the ends of each ribbon through a hole on the long side.
  4. Ribbon Organizer HolesSpunky Junky
  5. Repeat on the other side of the bin, and you’re all set!

Now you’ve got a beautiful bin of organized ribbons! How easy was that trick? Do you think you’ll organize your ribbons this way? What are some of your favorite ways to keep your craft and gift-wrapping supplies orderly?

Ribbon Organizer EnderSpunky Junky