Trying to come up with some cheap, vegetarian options to add to your meal repertoire? Mushrooms are cheap, filling and easy to cook with – and Wise Bread has got some creative recipes to show them a little love:

  1. Mushroom Marsala: trying to cut down on eating meat but love Chicken Marsala? Make the marsala with just mushrooms with this recipe.
  2. Risotto: you can bring a lot of style to dinner with the help of a simple vegan mushroom risotto that keeps calories and cost very low.
  3. Ravioli: this is one of my favorite dishes to order at Italian restaurants, and it’s pretty simple to make on your own as a hearty meal. Try this recipes.
  4. Mushroom Pizza: mushrooms make great, filling pizza toppings. Try putting them on top of your favorite pizza sauce.
  5. Cream of Mushroom Soup: make your own cream of mushroom soup to enjoy on its own or to use as something like a marinade for meats.

Find dozens more great recipes for mushrooms over at Wise Bread’s 40 Magnificent Mushroom Recipes.