When you picture being snuggled under a blanket in front of the fire on a cold winter’s day, what do you picture in the mug in your hands? Hot chocolate? Tea? Those are tasty and comforting options, but there are a lot more options that are enjoyed around the world. Why not try these 4 to open your eyes to how some other cultures warm up in cold weather?

Blåbärssoppa (Swedish Blueberry Drink)

This Swedish energy drink was orignally served to worn out skiers on the slopes.

London Fog (Canadian Rainy Day Drink)

This Canadian beverage is enjoyed through out the Northwest is great for any cold, rainy day.

Sbiten (Russian Winter Beverage)

This warm beverage was the go-to drink for people during Russian winters, before coffee and tea hit the scene.

Vietnamese Coffee

This is nothing like any coffee you’ve had in the States. It’s rich and sweet, and the perfect caffeinated treat for a snowy day.