If you’re looking for an entertaining way to escape the heat, whether with your kids during the day or with a friend or sweetheart on a hot summer night, you might want to head to your local movie theater. Many theaters feature awesome summer programs that offer tickets that cost as little as 50 cents per movie. Take a look:
  1. Summer Movie Express at Regal:

    On Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10am, you can check out kid-friendly movies (like Ice Age, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Happy Feet Two) for $1 each at your local Regal Cinema, Edwards Cinema or United Theatre. And if you need more incentive, a portion of the proceeds benefit the Will Roger Institute.

  2. Cinemark’s Summer Movie Clubhouse:

    At participating Cinemark locations, you can head to the box offive and purchase a package of 10 G and PG-rated films for just $5. If you don’t want to buy the package, you can even choose to by tickets per movie for $1 each. Catch movies like The Smurfs, Dolphin Tale, and Rio.

  3. Harking Summer Movie Fun:

    For 10 weeks throughout the summer, you can take your kids to see a lineup of family friendly movies for less than $1 per film. Some of the featured movies include The Pirates!, Ice Age 4, Mirror Mirror, Rise of Guardians and more. These theaters are located in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas.

  4. Summer Nights at AMC:

    Here’s one for the adults. Want to catch a late movie on the cheap? Check out AMC’s Summer Night’s schedule. On select days throughout the summer, you can see movies that recently left the theaters at a cinema near you for just $3 per ticket! For example, now (from July 15-17), you can catch The Hunger Games on the big screen at 10pm for just $3.