4 Easy Ways to Make Better Stuffed Peppers

I adore stuffed peppers. Firstly, they’re delicious and filling, and secondly, they can really be made out of whatever ingredients or leftovers you want to use (i.e. any ground meat, chicken, rice, veggies, cheese, etc.) But if you ever have the problem that I often have where the peppers tips over in the oven and create a mess, try some of these helpful tips from America’s Test Kitchen:

  1. Save the tops and use them as barriers to help the peppers stand up in a square or rectangular dish.
  2. Use a tube pan to help the peppers fit snuggly and sit upright.
  3. Put each pepper in a cup of a muffin tin to hold them in place.
  4. Use individual over-proof ramekins or custard cups. This works especially well if you’re only making a couple of peppers.

Check out the full post over at America’s Test Kitchen’s 4 Stuffed-Pepper Tips You Thought You Could Live Without, But Really Can’t.