4 Creative Ways to Use Wine Bottles

Looking for something to do with your wine bottles once you’ve finished your wine? Take a look at some of the creative ideas featured over on Shelterpop’s roundup:

Hanging Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps:

These make for wonderfully romantic outdoor mood lighting. The colored glass of the wine bottle makes for lovely candlelight and the skinny neck of the bottle is the perfect size for holding a chain or wire. In order to create hanging lamps of your own, you will need a bottle-cutting kit, wire or chain and a tea light candle.

Wine Bottle Decanters:

This is a really simple way to use your extra wine bottles. Simply make classy decanters for your favorite olive oils, vinegars or even liquid soaps. Just invest in a pouring nozzle that will fit directly into the neck of your wine bottle.

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