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We’re always looking for shortcuts and money-saving opportunities when it comes to cleaning the house. So we were excited when we found these great tips over at Huffington Post. Take a look:

The Fruit That Cleans Your Microwave

If your microwave still smells after you’ve cleaned it with soap and water, then try this easy deodorizing (and cleaning) trick. Just cut a lemon in half and sprinkle it with some kosher salt. Then use that cut side to scrub the microwave clean. You can also try this easy trick with vinegar and water.

The Salon Staple That Keeps Your Bathroom Cleaner

Prevent annoying rust marks from getting on your bathroom surfaces with the help of some clear nail polish. Just coat the undersides of cleaners, shaving cream cans, metal soap dishes, etc. with clear nail polish. This will put a protective layer between the item and your rust-free surfaces.

The DIY Cleaning Solutions That Works in Every Room

We’ve featured a lot of homemade cleaner recipes before, but more can never hurt. Huffington Post suggests using Fabulously Frugal’s recipe to make your own all-purpose cleaning wipes with vinegar, water and dish soap.

Breezy Reuse for Old Pillowcases

If you need to clean your ceiling fans, old pillowcases help you do the job in less than 30 seconds without mess or fuss. Here’s what you do:

Hook an old pillowcase over one fan blade at a time and wipe it backward. This removes all the grime and traps it inside the pillowcase without it falling to the ground—or, worse, in your eyes — so there are finally no more, “Oops, I have to re-sweep my floor,” moments.

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