There’s little that changes more frequently than the price of gas these days. While we may notice a dip from time to time, gas prices are continually on the rise. Trying to do all you can to save money on gas? Try out some of these tips from Money Crashers:

Monitor Your Tires

It’s important to keep track of the inflation of your tires, especially when the seasons change and the weather shifts. Temperature changes can actually cause tire pressure to fluctuate by 2 or 3 pounds per square inch. If your tires are under-inflated, they’ll wear out faster and waste gas. So make sure your tires remain properly inflated to ensure better gas mileage.

Also, if you utilize snow tires during the winter months, be sure to replace them in the spring. Snow tires cause excess friction on dry surfaces, wasting gas.

Tune the Engine

If an engine is properly tuned, it uses less gas. So make sure to schedule a tune-up if you can’t remember the last time your car had one.

Change Filters

Be sure to check your filters regularly, especially if you live in a dusty area, to make sure they stay clean. Clean filters will help a car run more fuel efficiently.

Use the Correct Motor Oil

Using the correct motor oil will also cause the engine to more efficiently and therefore waste less gas. Just check the owner’s manual or do a search online if you need to find out what kind of motor oil your car requires.

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