For Just 39 Bucks You Can Buy Your Very Own Cherry Blossom Tree

When we think of spring we think of warmer weather, saying goodbye to snow and spending more time outside, but when we picture spring, we picture flowers. We picture planting flowers in our garden. We picture seeing wildflowers growing, and we picture flowers blooming on trees.

One of the most beautiful types of trees in the spring is the cherry tree. The cherry blossoms are certainly famous for a reason. While some trees just start growing their green leaves right away, cherry trees grow clusters of the softest looking flowers we’ve ever seen. It reminds us of the springtime version of snow.

You can see cherry trees all around the world, but wouldn’t it be incredible to have a cherry tree in your very own yard? We think so, and Home Depot agrees.

If you’ve always dreamt of having a beautiful cherry tree to look at all spring, you can buy one online from Home Depot for only $39. The specific type of tree that Home Depot is selling is called the Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Tree.

Along with being one of the easiest types of cherry trees to grow, it’s also exceptionally beautiful. Not only does it have bright pink blossoms every spring, but it’s also beautiful in the fall when the leaves turn red.

While the tree is currently not sold in stores, you can have it shipped to you for free with a $45+ order (maybe you need two trees or some potting soil for the first tree), or you can choose to have your tree shipped to a local store where you can pick it up when it arrives.

When your tree arrives, it will already be about 3 or 4 feet tall. It’s best to plan on planting your tree right away. Choose a spot in your yard that is sunny at least six hours a day. While the tree is very hardy and can become drought tolerant, to start out, it does need to be watered well at least once a week.

If you order more than one tree, be sure not to plant them too close together. Planting them at least 10 feet apart is recommended. Your tree needs room to grow, after all. Expect your tree to grow about two feet a year until it reaches its full height of up to 25 feet.

Before placing your order, it’s good to know what hardiness zone you live in. This cherry blossom tree thrives in zones 4 through 9. If you’re not sure what zone you live in, you can check here, but most of the United States is in one of these zones.

Are you going to buy a Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Tree for your yard?