In the market for a new house? How about a castle? Because there’s one available smack dab in the middle of Connecticut that’s listed on Zillow right now—and it’s completely blowing our minds.

Honestly, we didn’t even realize that castles existed in New England, but alas: The castle is listed for $35 million and is located in Woodstock. It holds a total of nine bedrooms, 7 full bathrooms and 3 half baths. It has a whopping 18,777 square feet of pure amazingness and sits on 75 acres. Heck, it even has its own moat! (Because that’s NOT just a thing in fairy tales, apparently.)

“Stunning one of a kind property built to amaze and capture the imagination of the individual who relishes outstanding craftsmanship and superior design,” the description reads.

That’s just the half of it. Inside the majestic castle you’ll find all the medieval craftsmanship you’d expect from a real castle. With 12 fireplaces throughout, an insanely lavish entry hall, and ton of public spaces, the castle is truly fit for a king or queen.

The bathrooms all have their own look, some with tile built up to the ceiling, and some with more intricate artwork. The bedrooms are all enormous of course, with beautiful windows and workmanship. And let’s not even talk about the kitchen! Top-notch appliances make it modern, but its large stone fireplace keep the castle vibe in check. Plus, the view overlooking the 30-acre Potter Pond is just incredible.

What’s even more awesome? The wood floors and doors, along with other woodwork in the castle, are built containing over 25 species of hardwoods imported from around the world. Doors were kept to boast the look and feel of the period and the stain glass gives it that primitive feel.

Of course, what’s a castle without its own walkout? The lower level is 4,500 square feet alone, all completely finished, with a common area to hang out, a circular bar for entertainment, and of course, another fireplace.

Additionally, the castle has a raised stage and auditorium, an in-law/maids apartment, and radiant heat that allows the outdoor decks and patios to be kept free of snow in the winter. There’s also a gated entry, naturally.

Even though it’s a castle, there are also some great modern features, like hydro-air heat with radiant heat in the floors, central air, a large pool, a dock, a back-up generator for power outages, the latest technology and so much more.

You’ve got to see it to believe it! Check out the amazing listing here.

What do you think of this castle?