Whether you have extra boxes around leftover from your last move or you see some lonely boxes on the curb, take a look at the ways you can reuse these multi-sized storage items.

  • Car Trunk Organizer: use a medium-sized cardboard box to organize quarts of oil, windshield washer fluid, jumper cables, and any other emergency items you have stored in your car.
  • Fort Building: stack up boxes of different sizes to create forts with your kids.
  • Pet Bed: low-sided and shallow boxes with an old pillow and blanket make for great pet beds. You can even decorate them with pet-safe items and non-toxic paint.
  • Table Base: use boxes during yard sales to keep merchandise off of the floor and closer to customers’ eye levels. You can even bridge boards over upturned boxes to get more space.
  • Halloween Costumes: use boxes to make creative costumes. You could be a robot, knight, a piece of wrapped candy, or anything else you can think of.
  • Floor Protectors and Furniture Movers: cut out small disks to fit under cough or chair legs to prevent scratching hardwood floors.

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