Dad Gets an Implausible Answer When He Asks 3-Year-Old Why She Painted Barbie Blue

Little Sophie decided to give her Barbies manicures — and ended up painting her bedsheets, her carpet, and every inch of every Barbie in the process. The nail polish was a child-safe Disney version, but dad Joseph Nagorski knew they had to have a discussion about not painting Barbies again without adult supervision.

But when he sat down with his little girl to gently confront her about her use of nail polish, she had some pretty interesting and adorable things to say. Namely, that her Barbies were responsible for the mess.

You read that right.

Sophie’s dad first asked her if she decided to paint her Barbie blue from head-to-toe, to which she responded yes, but Barbie told her to do it.  Sounding a bit baffled, her dad asks her to clarify what exactly this toy was saying to his daughter.

“So when Barbie was laying there, she said, ‘I’m going to go ahead and just lay here, and you can play with me,'” Dad Joseph said to his tearful little girl. “And then suddenly Barbie said, ‘Now paint me with nail polish’?”

His daughter confirmed that Barbie didn’t just make that demand once, but a hundred times. Sophie swore she kept telling Barbie no, that it wasn’t a good idea to paint her with nail polish in her bedroom. But Barbie persisted and, obviously, won out in the end.

Eventually, Joseph gets Sophie to confess that she’s only allowed to play with her Disney nail polish outside and that playing with it inside (as she’s already done) could ruin the carpet and all the sheets in her bedroom. Sophie said she understood and evenly quietly admitted that although Barbie played a hand in the mess, she’s the one who should get in trouble!

But despite all this, the little girl repeats that in the future, all her Barbies will continue to ask for this full-body nail polish treatment. She says all of them will ask, a hundred times, and when she says “no” they’ll always say “yes” in response.

Now, we know this is most likely just an adorable cover-up for the mess Sophie’s made, but does anyone else think it’s a LITTLE bit creepy that her dolls are talking to her? They sound pretty persistent!

After a talk, Joseph manages to convince Sophie that no matter what her dolls say, she should always tell them “no”. Even if they insist a hundred times that she SHOULD make a mess in her bedroom, it’s her job as a big girl to tell them it’s a bad idea. Sophie agrees and the father-daughter duo end this adorable video with a hug.

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