When we were kids, we all had a dream of what we wanted to be when we grew up. It’s probably safe to say, though, that few of us were honing our skills for our future careers at three-years-old. Even SAFER to say that even fewer were amazing at what they wanted to do at age 3. Not so for young Emma. Emma is more than just a sweet, adorable little girl – she’s also an amazing gymnast. At only three-years-old. Watch the video below to see Emma in action, you’ll be blown away.

Thanks to the always lovely Ellen, we got to see Emma’s talent live on TV! Wow is she amazing.

Emma started her training at 2 1/2 years old – which was 6 months ago. Since then, she has become incredibly amazing at what she does, especially her back hand spring (which many full grown adults would never dare attempt). Her idol is record-breaking American gymnast, Gabby Douglas.

This little girl is extremely special! She is wise beyond her years, incredibly talented, and we look forward to seeing her kick butt at the Olympics 2028.