Did you cut up a watermelon at your last cookout only to find yourself with more leftovers that you know what to do with? Here are some ideas we found across the web for using up those leftovers in delicious and summery ways. Take a look:

  1. Watermelon Salsa: this fresh twist on salsa uses watermelon in place of tomato. Just use your leftover watermelon, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, red onion, lime juice and salt. Eat with tortilla chip just like you would regular salsa!
  2. Make a Cocktail: watermelon is wonderful in summer cocktails, so use up some of that extra watermelon in a nice cold treat. Make a watermelon mojito with watermelon chunks, mint, lime and run. Or you could try your hand at a frozen watermelon margarita. There are lots of possibilities to test out and there is plenty of summer left.
  3. Watermelon Slushy: just puree some watermelon and water, then freeze it. Once it’s frozen, take it out of the freezer and let it defrost for a bit. Scrape it with a fork to make a delicious watermelon slushy.