No corkscrew in your kitchen? No problem! Whether you’re christening a new home and haven’t unpacked your kitchen boxes yet, brought a bottle to a party only to find there isn’t an opener in sight, or simply can’t find a wine key or a corkscrew, there’s still a way to get to that delicious wine. Three ways, in fact! Refinery29 is demonstrating some smart, fun hacks for dislodging that cork from the bottle. So when you can’t find a corkscrew, don’t give up and run out to buy a bottle with a screw top. Just watch this Refinery29 tutorial, then read on to get the breakdown on each incredible method.

Those ideas went by pretty fast, didn’t they? Let’s recap so we can learn each one.

  • Blow Torch
Use a blow torch to get cork out of wine bottleRefinery29
    1. We’re not entirely sure which kitchens out there have blow torches (for things like crème brûlée or roasted peppers) but don’t have corkscrews, but hey, if that’s


    1. kitchen, then this hack’s the one for you! Just take the blow torch and hold it about one to two inches from the neck of the wine bottle. Turn on the torch, and blast the neck with heat. Be careful! As you warm the neck of the wine bottle, you should notice the cork slowing starting to push its way up the neck of the bottle. Keep blasting the heat until the cork pops out! Voila! Heating the air in the neck of the bottle causes it to expand, and that air should push the cork right out. While

Food and Wine

    1. says heating the bottle neck shouldn’t affect the temperature of your wine too much, do let it cool down a little first before pouring, just for safety’s sake.
  • Tools
Use a screw and the back of a hammer to open a bottle of wineRefinery29
    1. When your kitchen tools fail you, turn to another room in your house: the garage! Or, well, wherever you happen to store your tool kit. Drive a screw into the wine cork – be sure to do so


    1. – then use the back of a hammer to pull it out, the same way you’d remove a nail or a screw from a wall or another surface. When you think about it, this method’s really the closest one to replicating what an actual corkscrew does. You’re just using the component tools, rather than an all-in-one combination. It might not look pretty, but it definitely gets the job done!
  • Shoe
Put wine bottle in shoe and bang against wall to openRefinery29
    Yes, a shoe. This method just might be the most crazy, but it also might be the most FUN, too! It definitely qualifies as a party trick that’ll boggle the minds of your guests. Just take the bottle, and nestle it into the heel of your shoe. Then, gripping them both securely, bang the heel of the shoe against the wall. Then repeat, again and again, and you’ll notice the cork slowly but surely rising up out of the wine bottle neck. It might take quite a while, but eventually, that cork is going to pop right out! Crazy, right?

So there we go! Whenever we can’t find that corkscrew, we have some options for getting to that wine anyway. Nothing’s going to stop our parties from starting. Now what about you? Do you always have a corkscrew on hand, or do you have your own tricks for opening wine bottles without them?

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