3 Unexpected Ways to Make Stuffing

If you’re sick of the same old Thanksgiving stuffing recipe year after year, why not try mixing it up this time? Check out 3 creative and fun stuffing recipes we found that are sure to impress your dinner guests.

Stuffing in a Bundt Pan

The best part about this one is that you can basically use any stuffing recipe you’d like. Just mix that recipe with 4 eggs (if your recipe already involves eggs, just add extra eggs to bring the egg count to 4). Spray your large bundt pan with cooking spray (the kind with flour helps it not to stick). Bake, cool, and remove from pan using a narrow rubber spatula to loosen. Then when you’re ready, serve on a pretty platter!

Deep-Fried Stuffing

Any kind of stuffing can be used on this recipe as well! You can either serve this as an appetizer or use this recipe to transform your stuffing leftovers after Thanksgiving.

Stuffing Muffins

Make these warm muffins to go with turkey dinner in place or regular rolls or make them with your leftovers. Here’s how it’s done.