If you need to make some extra money, selling your “junk” at a yard sale is a good option. But sometimes, as Maggie from the Dollar Stretcher found, you can have a lot more success selling online. Here are some of the things that could sell for more on eBay than they would at a typical yard sale:

Kids’ Pajamas

Take it from Maggie:

I picked up a pair of my son’s Wiggles pajamas and decided to search prices on eBay. I was surprised to find they could sell for $10 to $12 as opposed to the $.50 I had them priced at for my yard sale. I soon learned that those overlooked items at home can make a pretty penny online.

If you’ve got pajamas that your kids have grown our of, especially those specialty PJs like Spongebob or Wiggles, you can potentially make much more by selling them online.

Video Games

It’s very easy to list those old games, like those for Gamecube, Nintendo DS or PlayStation – and there are always people looking for deals on games. Sell them online to reach a wider selection of gamers and, of course, make more money.

Old Christmas Ornaments

Have an old box of ornaments that you got from a relative that you don’t use? Look these up online before you put them up for sale. Many vintage Christmas ornaments can actually be pretty valuable. Sell these online to another family who’ll treasure your ornaments for years.

What are some things that you’ve had more luck selling online? What are those items that you’d rather just sell at a yard sale?

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