We all know that the only thing better than Thanksgiving dinner is Thanksgiving leftovers. So what could possibly be better than those? Thanksgiving Leftover Appetizers, that’s what— and we’ve got THREE. Even better, we’re building these tasty apps on the ever-delicious and ever-versatile Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® for that perfect post-Thanksgiving bite-sized delight. Check ’em out!

Whether you’re diving right into the swirl of holiday parties, hosting Friendsgiving, or simply looking to lift your leftovers to a new level, Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® are the perfect base to amp up your appetizers.

3 Thanksgiving Leftover Appetizers with Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®TipHero

No matter if your favorite dish is mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce, turkey or sweet potato pie, there’s a way to combine it with your favorite Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisp® flavor to make a dish you’ll want to eat all year long. So grab a bag of your faves, and let’s get started!

Turkey Cranberry Pretzel Bites

Turkey Cranberry Pretzel Bites with Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®TipHero

Unless you invited hundreds of people to your Thanksgiving feast, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have some leftover turkey when all is eaten and done. While you could always work your way through the rest of the bird with days (and days) of turkey sandwiches, why do that when you can make them fly into your mouth with Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®?!

Even better? It’s so easy to do. Just take a Original Pretzel Crisp®, and spread it with some goat cheese. Layer with a bite of that leftover turkey, and top with a dab of leftover cranberry sauce. Then just watch as your family makes them disappear FAST!

For the vegetarians in your family, you can also leave off the turkey and simply enjoy a Original Pretzel Crisp® topped with cheese and cranberry sauce. If you’re not a fan of goat cheese, cream cheese is another delicious alternative, and you can also use the super-tasty Everything Pretzel Crisps® for even more varied flavor!

Sweet Potato Bites

Sweet Potato Bites with Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®TipHero

Few things taste as much like fall, fun and Thanksgiving as sweet potatoes, so let’s keep the delicious favorite going far beyond turkey day. These Sweet Potato Bites use Original Pretzel Crisps® to create a treat that’s one part appetizer, one part dessert, and all parts tasty.

All you need to do is place your leftover sweet potatoes in a bowl. Drizzle with some maple syrup and add in a splash of half-and-half. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Use a hand blender to mix it all together until well-combined.

In a separate small bowl, use your hands to combine some cooked diced bacon, pecans, and brown sugar to create a crumble topping.

Spread a bit of the sweet potato mixture onto a Original Pretzel Crisp®, then place on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. Top each one with a bit of the bacon-pecan-brown-sugar topping. Place under the broiler for 1 to 2 minutes, until warm and ever-so-slightly browned.

Then all you need to do is enjoy! You’ll especially love them if your Thanksgiving table was missing some sweet potato pie, and the Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps® just make them that much more special. You can also enjoy this app with Sea Salt & Black Pepper Pretzel Crisps®.

Loaded Potato Bites

Loaded Potato Bites with Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®TipHero

We’re pretty sure you can never have too much mashed potatoes, but even the most die-hard lovers of the classic have to admit they lose their charm after a day or two in the fridge. So let’s switch them up and make them special with some Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps®!

All you need to do is quickly warm up your leftover mashed potatoes. (A quick zap in the microwave should do it!) Add in some shredded Monterey Jack cheese and chopped chives, and for extra measure and an extra dose of YUM, some cooked diced bacon.

Pipe some of this delicious potato mixture onto some Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps®, and place on a tray. Pop them under the broiler for one minute.

Garnish with more bacon, parsley and a little shaved Parmesan, and enjoy!

3 Thanksgiving Leftover Appetizers with Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisps®TipHero

Which of these appetizers is calling your name? What other Snack Factory® Pretzel Crisp® flavors do you think would work? Are you inspired to create your own Thanksgiving Leftover Appetizers?

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