Ever had a party where you’re left with bits of different kinds of cheeses from a cheese platter? It’s easy to take leftover cheese and sprinkle it on pasta, baked potatoes and salad, for example, but there are other creative ways to use a variety of leftover cheeses. Here are just 3 great ideas to get your started:

  1. Cheese Up Soups and Sauces:

    Toss leftover rinds from hard cheeses into sauces or soups while they’re cooking to add yummy, cheesy flavor. Just discard the rind when ready to serve.

  2. Make Mac & Cheese:

    You can make a delicious impromptu dinner with all of that leftover cheese in your fridge. It doesn’t matter what kind you have – hard, soft, or both – you can make this yummy mac & cheese recipe. And/or you can use leftover cheese to dress up boxed mac & cheese.

  3. Make a “Fromage Fort”:

    Making this sauce is a great way to combine pieces of brie, swiss, blue cheese, goat cheese, etc. into something yummy. Apart from the cheese pieces, you’ll need a garlic clove, a little dry white wine, salt and pepper. Then when it’s made, you can serve it hot or cold spread on bread or crackers.

And when all else fails, just freeze your cheese for later.