What are your most common go-to hairstyles that you use when you’re in a hurry? Well if you’re used to pulling your hair back or to the side without much thought, then you’ll love these simple tips for taking it to the next level without adding more than a few minutes to your beauty routine. Which of these ideas will you try first?

A Classic Side-Swept Look

hair2Kathleen Kamphausen

It’s easy to create a classy, side-swept look without making it look like a side pony. Just look one way and pull all of your hair over your opposite shoulder. Then secure only the hair at the nape of your neck into a small ponytail (behind the ear where the hair is). Then just hide the ponytail with the rest of your hair and look forward to tighten look.

A Twist on Half Up, Half Down: Create a Cool Updo

hair1Kathleen Kamphausen

Here’s how you do this one: just grab asection of hair between the crown of your head and your hairline, then pin it down with bobby pins. Then, alternating from each side, grab tiny sections from the front side of your hair, wrap it behind the gathered hair, and secrute with bobby pins on the opposite side. Continue this strategy, alternating between the left and right sides, 3-4 times.

The Perfect Fishtail

hair3Kathleen Kamphausen

To create a tight, impressive-looking fishtail, first put your hair into a side ponytail. Then, after you reach the end of your fishtail braid, secure the end with an elastic. Carefully cut the top elastic out of your hair, pull at the braid in pieces, and reveal the perfect fishtail