If you’ve got a jam jar that’s nearly empty, don’t let that leftover goodness clinging to the sides and bottom go to waste. Here are 3 creative and yummy ways to make use of what you’ve got:

Make a Jamtini

This video shows you how to make a strawberry jamtini, but you could do this with any flavor of jam that you like. To get rid of the last bit of jam, just make this whole yummy concoction right in the jam jar.

Make Flavored Oatmeal

If you’ve got a little bit of leftover jam of peanut butter, then amp up your breakfast! Try this simple trick to make a flavored oatmeal that uses up that leftover yumminess in the jar.

Make a Vinaigrette

You can create an amazing vinaigrette from any jam that’s almost gone. Just follow this simple recipe using your nearly empty jam jar, some olive oil, vinegar of your choice, mustard and salt and pepper.