3 DIY Fire Starters to Try Out

It may not be time yet, but soon, those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace will get those fires burning on chilly nights. If you need some homemade kindling options (that will also make your home smell even more wonderful) here are some cheap ideas from Apartment Therapy:

Herbal Fire Starter

We asked last week for some ideas for creatively using pine cones. Well here’s an idea! Just wrap small pine cones and some dried herbs, like rosemary, sage, and/or cinnamon sticks, in some newspaper. Tie up the ends with some cotton string or twine and you’ve got a heavenly-smelling fire starter.

Orange Peel Fire Starter

Take dried orange peels and place them uncovered on a sheet pan or cookie cooling rack on the counter. Once they’re dry, throw them in a brown paper bag with a stray silica packet to keep them fresh.

Although you’ll probably need a little supplemental help from another source, orange peels are perfect fire starters! The oil in the skin fuels the fires and in the process they release less creosote than traditional paper. It will keep your chimneys cleaner in the process and leave your home smelling like roasted oranges – take that Febreze!

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