Being on a diet is not only about what you eat. What you drink is just as important to track, and often even harder because tasty libations go down so quickly and easily without filling us up. Alcohol makes it even more difficult, both because of the social aspect of drinking and because our defenses go down. The best defense is to arm yourself with knowledge, and we’re here to help by pointing you to this list from Country Outfitter. Check out the 3 best drinks to have while you’re on a diet— and the 3 to avoid.


  1. Mimosa
    Mimosamario beauregard via Dollar Photo Club

    Yes, you can enjoy this brunch classic without guilt! It only has 80 calories, and the orange juice sneaks in a little Vitamin C. The champagne in this beverage isn’t too bad for you either, at only 90 calories per drink.
  2. Gin and Tonic
    Gin and TonicGinny via Flickr

    This simple, summery classic is only 100 calories, and you can bring that count down even further by swapping out the tonic for club soda. The twist of lime only adds 35 more and is totally optional.
  3. Wine
    Winemisaleva via Dollar Photo Club

    We’ve all heard about the health benefits of wine, especially its heart-healthy resveratrol and antioxidants. Just be sure not to over-pour and you’ll only have to account for 120 calories for every 5 ounces. Need a second glass? Add club soda and have a wine spritzer.


  1. Long Island Iced Tea
    Long Island Iced TeaVille Säävuori via Flickr

    Is this one really a surprise? It’s bad enough the powerfully high alcoholic content could lead to some tipsy food decisions – late night nachos, anyone? – but the combination of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, sweet-and-sour and Coke means a super-high calorie count.
  2. White Russian
    White Russiancyclonebill via Wikimedia Commons

    This heavy-cream-and-Kahlua concoction packs a whopping 500 calories, but is it any wonder? If you really must have a version of this sweet drink, try skim milk and one shot of Kahlua in some coffee.
  3. Margarita
    MargaritaJon Sullivan via Wikimedia Commons

    It’s not quite as bad as a White Russian, but margaritas still have a calorie count of 450. Tequila has some fructose content, so when combined with triple sec and cheap margarita mix, you get a margarita high in sugar. Basically the cheaper your margarita is, the worse it probably is for you, so if you must drink one, look for “skinny” versions and quality ingredients.

Did any of the drinks on this list surprise you? Will you change your drinking habits?