At 29, This Woman Got Her First Haircut on Live TV

When you first see Helene, you might think that this 29-year-old had never gotten a haircut in her life. With her long locks surpassing her own height at over six feet long, how could you not think so?

Well, you wouldn’t be wrong. In her 29 years, Helene has never gotten a haircut.

Her mane was so out of control, that she has to carry it in a bundle when she walked around. Essentially, she was like a real life Rapunzel! Thinking it was time for her to embrace a new look, Helene’s best friend of 25 years pushed her to get a makeover on Rachael Ray.

Helene had always wanted to donate her hair, so she agreed, thinking that this seemed like a great opportunity to help out others and finally change her look. So she bravely showed up to the live production of Rachel Ray and allowed stylist Kyan Douglas to make the big cut.

Douglas didn’t want to shock Helene with something too short like a pixie cut, but getting rid of a good length of hair is the whole point of this makeover! In total, he probably got rid of around four feet of hair, as well as giving her some stunning highlights.

When her best friend sees Helene for the first time in the video below, she is stunned. The look of total awe on her face just shows how impressed she is with Helene’s drastic transformation!

Her hair has been cut to shoulder length, feathered with some very stylish layers and large curls. Helene’s mousy brown hair has been streaked with lighter, honey-blonde highlights. There’s so much movement and flow to her brand new look, she looks like a hair model. Not only that, but her makeup is on point and she’s wearing a fabulous red dress — head to toe, she looks amazing.

Helene catches a glimpse of herself and reacts similarly, completely taken aback at her reflection. For a moment, we’re not sure if she loves her transformation or not! She’s holding her hair, her mouth is gaping open. But after the momentary shock, Helene quickly grows to love her new look.

When Rachel asks how she feels, Helene confesses that she feels amazing! We’re glad, because she looks as amazing as she feels! The best part of these transformations is that it gives these people a whole new burst of confidence in themselves, like a weight has been taken off their shoulders.

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