I think we can all agree that we admire tiny houses. We love them for their economical use of space, the adorable designs, the minimalist approach to life – plus the idea of living rent and mortgage free isn’t a bad one. If you’re looking to get motivated to modify for your own home, or if you’re thinking about taking the leap and building a tiny house for yourself, here are our 28 favorite tiny houses to inspire you!

  1. Southern Flare

    Southern Tiny HouseMarianne Cusato

    If you’re a Southerner, or if you live for all things in the Southern-style, you’ll fall head over heels for this tiny house! At 544 square feet, this model costs approximately between $65,000 and $75,000 to build – white picket fence and all.

  2. Katrina Houses

    Katrina CottagesMarianne Cusato

    These tiny houses were originally designed for people to live in temporarily during the housing crisis after Hurricane Katrina. The houses (which start at 308 sq. ft.) became so popular because of their affordability and their efficient use of space that residents of afflicted areas chose to stay in their tiny houses.

  3. Victorian Farmhouse

    Victorian Tiny HouseTiny Texas Houses

    This lovely Victorian-style tiny house is 12 x 26 feet and features a built-in couch, full kitchen, Murphy bed, sleeping bed and bathroom. The coolest part of this tiny house? It’s almost entirely made of salvaged parts.

  4. Tiny Texas House

    Tiny Texas HousesTiny Texas Houses

    Another home made of salvaged pieces, these plots of land are covered in these tiny Texas homes. Each home starts at 120 sq. ft., but no two homes are alike!

  5. Florida Cottage

    Florida CottageFifi O'Neill

    Is there anything more perfect for a relaxing vacation – or even for retirement! – than this tiny house in Sarasota, Florida? This home is a bit bigger than most tiny houses we see with two bedrooms, two baths, and 1,375 sq. ft. of space.

  6. Agricultural Architecture

    Architechual Tiny HouseButler Armsden

    The architecture of this house is extraordinary! This Yolo Country Cabin was designed after agricultural landmarks such as water towers. From the top of the tower, you have a stunning 360 degree view of the surrounding land from the top of the tower.

  7. Log Cabin

    Woodland CabinVandervort

    This is a true reinvention of the log cabin. This adorable wooden cabin is nestled in the woods of Washington states’ Orcas Island and is only 400 sq. ft. in total. A loft bedroom and a back porch are include in this rustic design.

  8. Tropical Treehouse

    Tropical TreehouseAir BnB

    Always wanted to live in the tropics? This treehouse puts you right up in the foliage of beautiful a Hawaiian island. The home contains only a lofted sleeping area for up to three people, and you can rent this actual treehouse through Air BnB with rates starting at $1,2000 a week.

  9. Vintage Sheep Wagon

    Vintage Sheep WagonAir BnB

    This fully restored 1920’s sheep wagon sits on the 30,000-acre Heward family ranch in Wyoming. With one full-sized bed and two cold boxes, this wagon can accommodate up to 4 and goes for $100 per night. This is the perfect Air BnB spot for people who love the outdoors – can you imagine the stargazing from this wagon?

  10. Luxury Treehouse

    Luxe TreehouseWanda Wega

    This looks straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. This vintage three-level treehouse can be found at Camp Wandawega in Wisconsin and has a whimsically fun vibe to it. This treehouse is built around a giant elm and is the perfect place to lay in a hammock on a rainy day.

  11. California Cottage

    California CottageRichardson Architects

    The bright and colorful design of this Northern California cottage LOOKS like California in a nutshell, doesn’t it? Vibrant and cool. At only 260 sq. ft., the house is made of entirely non-corrosive materials and has a wraparound porch that is to die for.

  12. Farmhouse on Wheels

    Farmhouse on WheelsTiny Heirloom

    Wanderlust? Then this farmhouse on wheels is your kind of home. This 192 sq ft. home can be towed to wherever your heart desires and comes equip with a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, living room and laundry machine. Insane.

  13. Wild West Homestead

    Wild West Tiny HouseUnique Homestays

    You’re probably picturing this wild west-themed tiny house in Texas or some Southern state…funny enough, this “salon chic” home, which you can rent at $800 for a three night stay, is in Cornwall England.

  14. Tiny House Hotels

    Tiny HotelCaravan

    This one tiny house is one of several that make up Caravan – a tiny house hotel in Portland, Oregon. Each house is 160 sq. ft. and consists of two queen beds. Rentals start at $125 a night, which for many is well worth this unique boarding experience.

  15. Escape Cottages

    Glass Tiny HouseEscape

    This brilliantly designed Escape cottages looks like luxurious 392 sq. ft. woodland home (complete with lofted ceiling, double French doors, a screened-in porch and much more) but is actually more than a cottage – it’s an RV, with the wheels cleverly hidden. Game changer.

  16. Rustic Cabin

    Rustic CabinHobbitat Spaces

    Always wanted a rustic cabin in the woods? This cabin is one of 14 250 sq. ft. homes at the ecotourism retreat in McHenry, Maryland. What better way to get in touch with nature than living with it?

  17. Mobile Ski Chalet

    Mobile Ski ChaletTiny House Nation

    This 122 sq. ft. ski cabin can actually follow the snow – it’s a mobile home in disguise! The home is complete with a wooden stove, a lofted bedroom, a kitchen and living area. It took the homeowners $25,000 to complete this tiny home masterpiece and they now use it to ski all year round.

  18. Luxury Cabin

    Luxury Tiny HouseWheelHaus

    Looking to roll in style? Well, now you can…literally. This luxury cabin, with 17-foot ceilings and beautiful outside deck, is actually on wheels. These luxurious RVs are available to both rent and buy.

  19. Floating Home

    Floating Tiny HouseCountry Living

    Those with a fear of water need not apply. This floating 240 sq. ft. tiny home is literally afloat on a foundation of flotation tubes in the middle of a lake in Maine, although you can situate your own home in whichever body of water floats your…house? You better love water for this tiny home.

  20. Oceanside Retreat

    Oceanside Tiny HouseCreative Cottages

    The perfect ocean side cottage for those who don’t actually want to be ON the water. This lovely red-roofed cottage has the ability to feel both spacious and cozy with its gas fireplace, full kitchen, bathroom, living space, laundry, and loft space.

  21. Wind River Bungalow

    Bungalow Tiny HouseWind River Bungalow

    This beautiful 204 sq. ft. tiny home in Chattanooga, Tennessee is made entirely of cedar and pine and comes with fantastic custom features. The rain-screen cedar is extremely hardy and durable, so it can stand up to the elements if need be.

  22. A-Line Home

    A-Frame Tiny HouseRelax Shacks

    We love this A-shaped house! This home only cost $1,200 to construct. One roof/wall is made of Tuftex polycarbonate roofing, which is translucent to light and easy to break down or expand. Despite the small size, the double beds and kitchen offer additional, hidden storage, and the roof has secret ventilation for fresh air.

  23. Modern Tiny House

    Modern Tiny HousBroadhurst Architects

    If you’re inspired by a bolder, more modern design, this home designed by Broadhurst Architects is the one for you! Inspired by original American corn cribs, this chic, 250 sq. ft. home has a sleeping loft, a bathroom, a living room, a glass garage door which opens to a small deck and – our favorite part – an expandable kitchen. So. Cool.

  24. Minimalist Tiny House

    Minimalist Tiny HouseMiniMotives

    This 196 sq. ft. tiny home near Boise, Idaho is designed by home owner and architect, Macy Miller. The entire home is made on recyclable palettes and has hidden storage everywhere you turn throughout the surprisingly spacious home.

  25. Garage House

  26. TinyGarageHouseHeaderrelaxshacksDOTcom

Believe it or not, this tiny house USED to be a garage. With lots of windows (to stream in natural light) and some amazingly cool decor, this home appears larger than it is because of its 15-foot-high ceilings. We love the lofted bed and skinny bathroom, but our favorite part is the bar area in the kitchen!

26. Lotus Belle Tent

Lotus Belle Tent EditedLiving Big in a Tiny House

Lotus belle tents are really an interesting sight. With their distinctly unique shape, this lotus belle tent has a gas stove, a small kitchen, a bedroom, and an eating space – all in one circular space. If you can get beyond the bathroom being outside (that must be chilly in the winter…) this is the perfect way to live rent-free and off-the-grid.

27. Shotgun Shack

Walk in Tiny House EditedKirsten Dirksen

We bet you think you can’t have a walk-in closet in a tiny house…you would be wrong! This amazing shack of 320 sq. ft. has an amazing loft, beautiful wood paneling, a WALK-IN CLOSET, and a computer area. This family managed to downsize from a 2,000 sq. ft. home to their tiny home, in which they now live a much more cost-efficient life.

28. Secret Storage Lake House

Tiny House FI 2Country Living

Not only this is amazing lake house situated right next to its’ own dock, but it has secret canoe storage as well! Designers Cheng and Synder built this home as a place to go to escape “writers’ block” in Westport, Maine. This 190 sq. ft. hideaway has strategically placed windows to maximize sunlight and allow for passive heating and cooling.

Truly amazing. These houses are a perfect way to live off-the-grid or just downsize an over-cluttered life to one more focused and space efficient.

What do you think of our favorite tiny houses? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.