We came across a downloadable PDF file that lists 28 slow cooker supper recipes from the Recipe Lion website. Here’s a brief overview from the website:

We have gathered our favorite slow cooker recipes, including chicken recipes, beef recipes, pork recipes, and soups and stews. We have everything from slow cooker BBQ meatballs and barbecued spareribs to pot roast with noodles and roast chicken with rosemary and garlic.

All of the recipes in this tasty collection involve almost no preparation time. Just set up your ingredients in the slow cooker and enjoy a hot, delicious meal at the end of the day. Your family and friends will think you slaved away all day in the kitchen to make the wonderful meals that these easy slow cooker recipes help create.

So grab your favorite crock pot or other slow cooker and give one of these recipes a try.

To view the 28 slow cooker recipes from Recipe Lion, click here (note that this will take you to a downloadable PDF file).

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Homepage photo credit: theogeo