What’s the hardest thing a new parent has to do? Is it picking out a doctor to deliver your baby? Is it choosing baby furniture? Deciding whether to breast feed?

All hard things, but we think one of the hardest things to do is pick out a name. You want it to be unique enough where they won’t meet a dozen other people with their name, but normal enough where they won’t get teased for it.

It’s truly a fine line—especially when all the good unique names start to become more commonplace. Names you once loved because they had a unique ring to it and you’ve only ever heard them once or twice are now quickly becoming the new norm.

We still love all of these names, but if you don’t want your kid to be in a class with a million other students with their name, you might want to steer clear.

We’re calling it! Here are 25 baby girl and boys names that used to be unique—but are that are probably going to be everywhere this year.

  1. Harlow

    Harlow can be used for a girl or boy, and has increased in popularly. It probably has to do with the “w” at the end—that’ll be a hot trend this year. Even Joanna Gaines named her son Crew!

  2. Deacon

    Deacon starting gaining popularity after Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon named their son Deacon, and has only been on the rise since. We still love it, though!

  3. Addelyn

    There are lots of variations of this pretty name, but this one was stolen the show lately. Parents have always loved a “y” at the end of names (think Riley and Haley), but now squeezing it inside the name has become even better.

  4. Ezra

    Another popular letter we all love is the “z.” Cruz, Ezekiel, and Lorenzo are also popular names with a z that you may see a lot this year.

  5. Onyx

    Parents are loving an “x” in their baby’s name, so Onyx has become a trendy name.

  6. Harper

    Also the name of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, that might be a reason why this lovely lady’s name has become so trendy.

  7. Arie

    For a boy or girl, though this is trending more on the boy’s side these days. It’s always been around, but “Arie” from the Bachelor may have started this trend.

  8. Poppy

    Derived from the flower “poppy,” this whimsical moniker has been taking a front seat in terms of girl’s names. Isn’t it the sweetest?

  9. Archer

    Derived from the Old French archer, this name has been around forever, but has recently made a comeback. You can call him “Arch” or “Archie” for short.

  10. Mia

    With Maria on the way out, Mia is in! A shorter, cleaner, more spunky name, most parents agree.

  11. Ava

    Like Mia, Ava is short and sweet, which seems to be in this year, and oh so pretty.

  12. Axel

    Can you guess the popular letter in this name? Like “Onyx,” Axel is popular because of its cool “x” in the name.

  13. Easton

    Easton is an old English word that means “east town,” and experts are predicting a surge in the name this year.

  14. Elena

    You can think of Elena as a more modern version of the ancient Greek name Helen/Helene, which isn’t as popular anymore.

  15. Iris

    Iris translates to “rainbow” in Greek, plus it’s the name of a gorgeous flower. No wonder it’s so trendy!

  16. Lincoln

    While some used to associate this just as a last name (Hey, Abraham), Lincoln has been making its rounds to become a very popular first name for a boy.

  17. Hudson

    Another one that we’ve mostly seen as a last name (e.g., Rock Hudson, Kate Hudson), has become popular as a first name.

  18. Ruby

    Emerald, Crystal…Ruby! We love a good diamond name (hey, Diamond is another great name!) and we can’t get enough of Ruby.

  19. Roman

    While the name Roman translates to “From Rome,” you can be from anywhere to use this lovely moniker!

  20. Grayson

    Also can be spelled Greyson, we love the nickname “Gray” for Grayson.

  21. Nora

    Like Mia and Ava, parents are loving the short and sweet names ending with a delicate “a” lately, and Nora is no exception.

  22. Camden

    In English, Camden means “winding valley” and in Welsh it means “child of the wind.” How lovely!

  23. Cami

    A more modern day version of “Camila,” people are loving this seeming nickname as a full name for a little lady.

  24. Jace

    Jace means “a healing” in Greek, and has recently soared in popularity for a boy’s name.

  25. Bennett

    The name Bennett is a boy’s name of English origin meaning “blessed.” No wonder it’s so popular these days!

What do you think of these unique, yet popular, baby names? Which one is your favorite?