Tension rods may be a seemingly boring DIY tool, but don’t underestimate their power! There are so many interesting home hacks and decor tricks that can be accomplished using tension rods – and at a nice, low cost! Check out these 24 surprisingly useful ways to use tension rods in your home.


  1. Bookshelf Covers

    Bookshelf Cover EditedBetter Homes and Gardens

    As great as bookshelves are, they tend to become a place where clutter lives. For the next time you’ve shoved some random objects onto your shelves right before company arrives, try these pull-down curtains on tension rods to hide the mess.

  2. Hanging Plants

    Hanging Garden EditedJillM

    Bring a little life to your home with a hanging garden in your window! Supported by the one, the only, the tension rod.

  3. Kid’s Stage Area

    Stage Rod EditedSunshine on the Inside

    For all those plays and concerts your kids love to put on for you, make an DIY curtain so they have their very own stage!

  4. Chord Coverage

    Hide Chords EditedBetter Homes and Gardens

    An antique wooden desk? So cute! A million chords and cables running underneath it? Not so cute. Use tension rods to make an impromptu curtain to hide your technology.

  5. Litter Box

    Litter Box EditedThis Old House

    Give your little guy some privacy. Put up a curtain around the litter box area to fancy-up something…not-so-fancy.

  6. Jewelry Organizer

    Jewelry Organizer EditedPinterest

    For a no-tangle way to hang your bracelets and necklaces, try a tension rod in your room.

  7. DIY Kitchen Awning

    DIY Awning EditedMusings from a French Cottage

    To get that French country feel in your kitchen, tension rods can help you create a lovely awning for your window on a dime.

  8. Scarf Holder

    Scarf Holder EditedHative

    No more tossing your scarves in a bin – show them off with this DIY tension rod holder.

  9. Portable Drying Rod

    Drying Rod EditedHometalk

    Delicates? Don’t machine dry! Save your clothes by hanging them to dry on a rod.

  10. Dust Ruffle

    Dust RuffleSeagrass Interiors

    Make your very own dust ruffle! Use whatever fabric tickles your fancy and tension rods for this amazingly easy DIY.

  11. Organize Tupperware

    Plastic ContainersMontana Prairie Tales

    Tupperware can get SO MESSY. Containers and lids are just everywhere, all of a sudden! Not any more with some clever organizing by your tension rod.

  12. Pet Gates

    Pet GatesPinterest

    For an inexpensive pet (or even baby) gate, a few tension rods stacked to the right height will do the trick.

  13. Vertical Storage

    Vertical StorageSkona Hem

    A unique storage option to display or organize anything in your home!

  14. DIY Canopy Bed

    Bed CanopyHGTV

    Always wanted a canopy bed? Make your own with some tension rods! Your partner may or may not thank you for it though.

  15. Holiday Decorations

    Holiday DecorBetter Homes and Gardens

    For decorations that come down in a flash, hang your decor with tension rods from now on!

  16. Pot and Pan Organizer

    Pot Lid StorageEveryday Home Blog

    Make your kitchen a more efficient place to be with some pot and pan organization. Hang them on the door to free up extra cabinet space.

  17. House Cleaner Storage

    tension rod cleaning suppliesA Thousand Words

    Under-the-sink storage keeps things (like cleaners) neat and out of the way. Make it happen faster with a quick tension rod in your cabinet.

  18. Extend Your Closet

    rod_closetApartment Therapy

    Need more room but out of closet space? Use the empty spaces to create extra hanging room for your clothes!

  19. Cutting Board Organizer

    rod_cuttingboardMartha Stewart

    Keep your cookie sheets and cutting boards in line with some well-placed tension rods in the kitchen.

  20. Filing Cabinet

    rod_filesThe House on Hillbrook

    A few tension rods in a regular desk drawer instantly turns it into a handy filing cabinet.

  21. DIY Curtain Door

    rod_officeThe Painted Cottage

    Do you have a space that could act as an office, but there’s no privacy? Instead of going through the process of installing a door, put up a curtain with a tension rod for a quick DIY door.

  22. Papertowel Holder


    This could work great for garbage bags as well! Create some under-counter organization.

  23. Craft Organizer

    rod_ribbonApartment Therapy

    For the crafty among us, hang and display your materials and tools with tension rods. Also works great for ribbons and wrapping papers, like a gift wrapping station!

  24. Shoe Organizer

    rod_shoesA Loyal Love

    SHOES. You can never have enough of them, so why limit yourself with storage space? Tension rods make a great, expandable place to hold your most prized possessions.


Do you use tension rods like an evil genius? Share your secrets in the comments section below!