When it comes to Christmas presents, presentation can be just as exciting as the actual gift, and DIY gifts are no exception. In fact, finding the right container can actually open up a whole world of possibilities, especially when that container is a mason jar! We’ve all seen the cookie dough and cake mix in a jar, but there’s actually a ton of ideas out there for adorable and easy gifts-in-jars. DIY Ready put together a list of some of the best, and we picked out our faves to share with you! Take a look and get inspired!

  1. Mommy Survival Kit
    MommySurvivalKitClassy Clutter

    How great is this idea? Not only does the little kit include everything an overwhelmed mama could use on a hectic day – including a bit of chocolate! – she’ll think of you and get a dose of love every time she opens it.
  2. Peppermint Foot Soak
    PeppermintFootSoakFour Hats and Frugal

    Not everybody can afford to get a regular pedicure, but everybody deserves a little tender-loving-toe-care. Give that give of relaxation with this easy-to-make soak in the scent of the season.
  3. Peppermint Sugar Scrub
    PeppermintSugarSoakCincy Shopper

    After using that foot soak, the rest of the body will be jealous of the feet. That’s where this exfoliating scrub comes in.
  4. Mini Golf Date
    MiniGolfDate504 Main

    So cute! This idea is perfect for the couples, the golf lovers, and the kids in your life. Plus, it’s really easy to put together.
  5. 365 Hugs and Warm Wishes
    365HugsandMessagesGifts U Can Make

    This idea captures the spirit of the season, and keeps Christmas alive in the hearts of your loved ones all year long.
  6. Crafting Inspiration Kit
    CraftingKitA Nest For All Seasons

    What better craft could there be than the one that shares the gift of crafting itself?
  7. Girls’ Weekend-in-a-Jar
    GirlsWeekendSouthern State of Mind

    Give your best ladies the gift of everything they need for your next group get-away, wrapped in adorable pajamas or a scarf for some great group photos.
  8. Book Page Votive
    BookPageCandleHolderHub Pages

    The book lovers in your life will love turning the pages of their favorite books by the flickering light from this simple and lovely candle holder.
  9. Hand Soap and Dispenser
    MasonJarHandSoapThe Happier Homemaker

    It’s not just the sweet-smelling soap in the jar that’s the gift here— the jar itself is the perfect addition to any bathroom for a rustic-chic-loving friend.
  10. Winter Survival Kit
    WinterSurvivalKitHappy Go Lucky

    Do you know somebody who just can’t handle another long winter? Make it a little easier for her with this collection of lotions, mittens, lip balm, and other winter survival must-haves.
  11. Christmas Detox
    ChristmasDetoxMy Crazy Blessed Life

    Christmas might be fun and joyful, but for a lot of ladies, it’s a lot of work. Sound familiar? The best gift for over-worked friends – or yourself! – is the gift of relaxation when the holidays are over.
  12. Poinsettia Candles
    BeeswaxPoinsettiaCandlesGarden Therapy

    These beeswax candles are as clever as they are beautiful, and you can adapt them to be whatever flowers you like.
  13. Snow Globe
    DIYSnowGlobeDIY Ready

    Can’t find a snow globe with your child’s favorite character? Make one yourself! It’s easier than you might think, and so fun.
  14. Dog Treats
    DogBonesinJarNot On The High Street

    Our pets deserve some Christmas cheer, too! DIY Ready found inspiration in a store-bought jar of dog bones, which is totally easy to recreate the DIY way.
  15. Beginner’s Sewing Kit
    BeginningSewingKitSmashed Peas and Carrots

    Know somebody who’s always wanted – or needed! – to learn how to sew but has had trouble getting started? Push her in the right direction with this fun, beginner-friendly kit.
  16. Mason Jar Terrarium
    MasonJarTerrariumStoryboard Wedding

    Perfect for the plant-loving apartment-dweller who can’t have a real garden! Originally a wedding centerpiece idea, it just takes a little tweaking to turn this one into a simple and thoughtful gift.
  17. Salsa
    JarsofSalsaCall Her Blessed

    With all of the baked goods flooding our shelves, one of the best gifts you could give is a splash of something spicy. This homemade salsa definitely fits the bill!
  18. Snow Globe Gift Card Holder
    GiftCardInASnowGlobeThe Creative Mama

    Giving somebody a gift card doesn’t have to be boring! Slip it inside a DIY snow globe for a presentation that’s as great as the gift.
  19. S’mores In A Jar
    TeddyBearSmoresSquawk Fox

    What better winter treat to give as a gift than the ingredients for s’mores? Make it even more holiday-perfect with Teddy Grahams and seasonal Peeps!
  20. Home Fragrance
    HomeFragranceInAJarMy Frugal Adventures

    Give the gift of a happy nose with a homemade and customized home fragrance. The lucky recipient just has to pop the mixture in a pan and let it simmer on the stove to fill her home with special smells.
  21. Pizza In A Jar
    PizzasInJars1 Fine Cookie

    Who would have thought THIS was possible? If you love making pizza for people but don’t get the opportunity, or if you just love a pizza-lover, this idea is the perfect compromise.
  22. Salted Caramel Sauce
    SaltedCaramelSauceRecipe Girl

    Everything’s better with salted caramel sauce, but not everybody has the time to make a really great homemade one. Give the gift of saved time and taste with this delicious topping.
  23. Alphabet Soup In A Jar

    DIY gifts don’t have to be sugary to be sweet! This healthy idea is super cute and helpful.
  24. Playdough Snowmen
    SnowmenInMasonJarsRepeat Crafter Me

    As if no-bake, homemade playdough wasn’t fun enough on its own, this kind comes in a container sure to delight your kids. They can help you make the snowmen jars, too!

These creations are so creative! Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other gifts-in-mason-jars you love to make every year? Would anybody on your gift list enjoy any of these ideas?