You all know that when it comes to gift-giving, there’s nothing we love more than a clever mason jar present! Happily for us AND everybody on our gift list, Valentine’s Day approaches, and the day of love encouraged us to seek out new ways to show our affection and adoration in the cutest of containers. Inspired especially by this incredible idea round-up from Craftaholics Anonymous, we put together 23 of our favorite gifts for our valentines, and of course we had to share them with you. Read on for ideas, then start crafting!

  1. Individual Fruit Cakes

    The way to the heart is through the stomach, especially when the treat in question is adorably, individually-sized! These sweet little fruit cakes are baked directly in the mason jars for an easy dessert gift.
  2. Jarred Cupcakes
    jarCookies Cupcakes and Cardio

    Another great baked gift idea? Cupcakes! They’re already individually-sized, and the mason jars make a perfect substitute for cupcake wrappers. Try this recipe from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio or this one from Creative Itch.
  3. Banana Bread-in-a-Jar

    Just one more baked idea! This method for making banana bread will also work with any quick bread recipe, so use it to whip up a gift for your most carb-loving valentine.
  4. Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs
    SugarScrubTidy Mom

    Is there any gift greater than the gift of self-care? Your valentine is sure to appreciate this jar of pampering sugar scrubs, and you can pick between cinnamon vanilla and sweet-and-spicy brown sugar for the best-smelling results.
  5. Peppermint Sugar Scrub
    PeppermintSugarSoakCincy Shopper

    Want even more options for jarred indulgence? Try this refreshing scrub for the whole body . . .
  6. Peppermint Pedicure Foot Soak
    PeppermintFootSoakFour Hats and Frugal

    . . . or this soothing soak for the feet.
  7. Hand Soap Dispenser
    MasonJarHandSoapThe Happier Homemaker

    Does your valentine love the “rustic chick” look? Help her extend it into her bathroom AND treat her hands nicely with this upcycled soap dispenser.
  8. Cocktail Kit
    CocktailsinJarsSomething Turquoise via Coco29

    Forget that bottle of wine. Gather up the ingredients for your favorite cocktail and let your valentine enjoy a “party-in-a-jar!”
  9. Raspberry Sauce
    JarsofRaspberrySauceThe Crafting Chicks via Coco29

    In both color and sweetness, this sauce is perfect for Valentine’s Day. And don’t stop with raspberry— try using strawberries, cherries, and your other favorite red fruits for a tasty treat to top everything from cheesecake and ice cream.
  10. Valentine’s Day In A Jar
    CraftValentineSceneJarUncommon Designs via Craftaholics Anonymous

    If it were possible to capture the entire essence of Valentine’s Day in a jar, this craft would definitely be it. It makes a perfect gift for the person who wants something decorative and whimsical!
  11. Scavenger Hunt Hearts
    StitchedHeartsinJarMoorea Seal via Craftaholics Anonymous

    The one game of love everybody will want to play! Stitch or cut out little hearts and hide them around the house for your loved one— in his jacket pocket, glasses case, lunch bag, etc. Tell him that when he finds one, it’s a reminder that you love him! He can collect them in the mason jar, and be reminded of your love for days, maybe even weeks, after Valentine’s Day!
  12. Photograph Display
    PictureJarHandimania via Craftaholics Anonymous

    The best gifts are memories, especially when you and your valentine have a long history together. Rather than share those memories in photos in regular old frames, make this incredible, vintage-inspired display with a mason jar and vegetable oil.
  13. Candle Holders
    LoveNeverFailsMasonJarsThe Frugal Girls via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Sometimes the loveliest gifts are the simplest. These candle holders can be adapted for any and all holidays and seasons, too!
  14. Etched Glass Votive
    EtchedGlassEssentially Eclectic via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Love the idea of using mason jars as votives but want something a little fancier? Try this incredible etched glass idea . . .
  15. Lace-Covered Holder
    LaceJarDreamy Wedding Ideas via Craftaholics Anonymous

    . . . and these super romantic lace ones. This one makes an excellent flower vase, too!
  16. Chocolate-Scented Candles
    ChocolateCandlesDamask Love via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Not only do mason jars make perfect candle holders, they’re also the perfect tool for making the candles themselves. These ones smell like chocolate for a deliciously-sweet reminder of one of the most popular Valentine’s gifts.
  17. Chalkboard Vases
    RosesandChalkboardsHello Glow via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Even a tradition as old as giving flowers becomes something special when it’s presented in mason jars! Plus, the little chalkboards let you send any message you want, perfect for the inside jokes and nicknames only you and your sweetheart share.
  18. Love Potion Number 9
    LovePotionNo9Shaken Together via Craftaholics Anonymous

    “What you need is . . . Love Potion Number 9”— especially when that potion is red hots and adorable packaging.
  19. Lacey Heart Doily Jar
    DoilyJarThe Pleated Poppy via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Sometimes the jar itself is gift enough, especially when it’s so sweetly decorated.
  20. Heartfelt Snow Globe
    HeartSnowGlobeWhipperBerry via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Snow globes aren’t just for Christmas! After all, we have a “white Valentine’s Day” more often than we have a white Christmas. Capture wintery romance with this easy-to-make snow globe filled with a pretty felt heart.
  21. Popcorn Jar
    PopcornJarValentineHome Cooking Memories via Craftaholics Anonymous

    This snack-in-a-jar not only gives your friend some popcorn that’s tastier and healthier – no chemicals! –than the store-bought bagged versions, it includes a cinnamon-sugar shaker for delicious midwinter taste.
  22. Jar of Hugs and Kisses
    HugsInAJarDomestically Speaking via Craftaholics Anonymous

    Can’t be there in person to give your loved one all the hugs and kisses they deserve? Send them a whole jar of the chocolate versions to let them know how much you care even when you’re far away!
  23. Heart Stained Glass Tea Lights
    HeartStainedGlassTeaLightsHuffington Post via Craftaholics Anonymous

    This sweet and lovely idea turns any room into a romantic get-away. The lucky recipient of this gift won’t be able to resist enjoying it all year long!

So many great options! We’re definitely going to try the Heart Scavenger Hunt this year; it’s too sweet! Which one do you think you’ll try? Check out Craftaholics Anonymous for even more Valentine’s-Day-specific ideas, and be sure to check out our other round-ups of fun things to make with mason jars!