The purpose of wedding photos is to capture all the tearful bliss you and your partner are feeling on what’s (hopefully) one of the happiest days of your life. But, like anything, all it takes is one poorly timed interruption to turn beautiful pictures into viral sensations.

Here are 23 of the most epically photobombed wedding photos of all time — future brides and grooms, take note!

1. The Planking Pastor

Remember a few years back when planking (a.k.a. posing for photos laying stomach-down like a board in random places) was a thing? Yeah, this pastor will never forget.

2. Is That…Zach Braff?

When this metropolitan couple looked back at this crosswalk wedding pic, they had to think, “Huh…that kind of looks like the actor from Scrubs.” AND THEY WOULD BE RIGHT.

3. Talk About Upstaging the Bride

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to wear white as to not upstage the bride. What everyone might NOT know is that you should avoid falling into the couple’s wedding photos on a rainbow parasail, if you can avoid it.

4. We Found Him!

Where’s Waldo been all along? Photobombing strangers weddings, of course.

5. Someone’s Bored of This Wedding Ceremony

But who do you think he was making the face at?

6. Literally Jumping for Joy

He is getting some serious air in the name of this photobomb!

7. Beluga Whales, Welcome

The most genuine wedding crasher of all time.

8. Just Scoot On By

Just behind her has to be parents running frantically to stop what’s already happened.

9. The Pros of a Destination Wedding

This guy is so happy they chose a seaside wedding destination. Whether or not they’re as excited is still up for debate.

10. Wait, Llama Get in Here

This is the best wedding photo of all time…and there is absolutely no argument about it.

11. Just Poking In

Bringing a whole new meaning to looking a gift horse in the mouth.

12. A Leap of Faith

The couple in question wasn’t the only one taking the leap that day. Was it hot? Did he trip? I suppose we’ll never know.

13. Reel ‘Em In

Well, at least the groom got a kick out of it.

14. Owl Take it From Here

The timing of this photobomb was just TOO perfect. We sense a new meme on the rise: “owl groom.”

15. Thinly Veiled

This MoH takes the cake for epic photobombs. (The big question is: do they know she’s there or not…?)

16. Tell Us How You Really Feel

He doesn’t seem so keen on the guy his mom’s marrying!

17. Just Because Cats Make the Best Photobombers

No one photobombs like a cat that’s too close to a camera.

18. Flower Girl Dresses are Pretty Overrated

We doubt the bride and groom knew Minnie Mouse was going to show up at their wedding!

19. Hey, When You Got It…

It’s hard to choose which is funnier: this casual, half-naked man or the wedding party’s faces behind him.

20. Any Advertisement is Good Advertisement

The caption of this photo was, “My local bike share company shared this photo.”

21. When You REALLY Don’t Want to Catch the Bouquet

This one is of Yours Truly…seriously, that’s me. In my defense, the people in front of me were VERY enthusiastic about catching the bouquet. Extremely enthusiastic.

22. “In the Way Guy”

Technically, this isn’t a photobombed WEDDING picture, but this nervous man trying to get out of this proposal shot went so viral, he’s now his very own meme! Everyone say hi to “In the Way Guy.”

23. Caught in the Crossfire

What would have been a sweet picture of a wedding reception kiss is immediately turned into an unintentional photobomb by the bride’s uncomfortable sister.