23 Clever Ways to Create an Indoor Herb Garden

There’s nothing better than cooking with fresh herbs, especially when those herbs come from your own garden. So if you live in an apartment or have a yard that’s too small for an herb garden, it’s hard not to be jealous of people with ample space to plant anything they want— but we don’t have to be! It’s actually totally easy to grow a garden indoors, and you can have a lot of DIY fun in the process. Check out these 23 ideas for an indoor garden you grow anywhere, out of pretty much anything, and get inspired to get your ingredients much closer to home.

  1. Wall-Mounted Mason Jars

    Having an indoor herb garden doesn’t have to mean giving up counter space. This wall-mounted version uses everybody’s favorite craft tool – mason jars – and holds them up with rustic chic leather straps.

  2. Tin Can Planters

    Feeling a little over the mason jar trend? Try tin cans instead!

  3. Mirrored Planter

    All you need to make these planters are mirrors from the Dollar Store! You only need five dollars for each one, so it’s easy to make as many as you need!

  4. Coke Can Planter

    The material for these planters is right there in your recycling bin. All you need is some spray paint and a can opener to make a garden that fits comfortably on your kitchen table.

  5. Ceiling Garden

    You have tons of wasted space you haven’t considered yet; just look up! An upside-down garden is fun and decorative.

  6. Bar Cart Planters

    A simple bar cart doesn’t have to be for drinks! Use it to hold your potted plants in a space-saving way.

  7. Teacup Terrarium

    Don’t let those extra teacups languish in your cabinets— put them to work instead! You’ll have the cutest DIY terrarium yet.

  8. Vintage Tea Containers

    Keep the tea theme going and reuse old tea tins for a fun, vintage look . . .

  9. Tea Kettle Garden

    . . . or even use an old tea kettle.

  10. Toaster Garden

    Even a broken toaster can be put to green use. Just take out the electric innards, and use a brick to adjust the height.

  11. One-Pot Garden

    You don’t have to have a ton of tiny containers to have a garden. It’s possible to get them all to coexist in one pot, and it’ll be pretty to boot!

  12. Classic Terra Cotta Pots

    Your herb garden doesn’t have to be crazy if you don’t want it to be. Sometimes all you need for a lovely indoor planting area are classic terra cotta pots labeled with pretty paints.

  13. Tiered Plants

    Use space efficiently by stacking small pots in tiers! You could even repurpose old cake or dessert stands.

  14. PVC Window Planter

    Plants love – and need! – light, so a window ledge is a natural place for a little garden. Transform yours with some PVC pipe so you never have to worry about it being too narrow.

  15. Gutter Planters

    Another unexpected construction material you can repurpose? Gutters! Cut and mount some in your kitchen wherever you have free wall space.

  16. Hanging Window Garden

    Another way to get a garden right in the window? Use simple hooks and regular, repurposed glasses to hang your herbs in a way that’s both pretty and efficient.

  17. Pegboard Garden

    If you want to hang up your herbs, you can also use a pegboard! After all, if it works for pots and pans, it can work for a garden.

  18. Tiny Terrarium

    This miniature greenhouse is perfect for growing herbs indoors all year long.

  19. Wine Rack Planter

    Try an Ikea hack and transform a wall-mounted wine rack into a fun, easy planter using pint glasses.

  20. Minimalist Slatted Wall Garden

    Transform a slatted room divider into the perfect place to hang galvanized tins. You can adjust it to match the size of whatever wall you need.

  21. Clothespin Planter

    Really want to go for the rustic chic look? Create a DIY planter out of old clothespins and recycled cans.

  22. Bathroom Garden

    Your indoor garden isn’t limited to your kitchen! Grow some in your bathroom to make use of the steamy environment, and even throw some leaves into the bath for a spa-like soak.

  23. Bottle Garden

    This idea has it all: upcycled bottles, self-watering, and sparkling design!

We love how many options there are for an indoor gardens. Which ones do you think you’ll try? Pick out your favorites, then consult our guide for making sure they grow green and healthy. Want even more ideas for indoor planters? Visit House Beautiful and Brit & Co for more lists of ideas!