Ladies, our lives are hard. Anything we can do to save some time here and there or make life easier in anyway is always welcome. So we’ve compiled a great collection of sanity savers that belong in every lady’s life ASAP. We’re pretty sure you’ll quickly fall in love with many of these handy tricks and tips.

1. Upgrade Your Worn-Out Heels


32bb0c4a-1d16-4d14-901f-7e784287959fDelia Creates
Don’t throw out last season’s pair instead upgrade them with fabric.

2. Use Your Flat Iron as an Iron

Your flat iron is perfect for quick jobs or when you’re in a pinch.

3. Prevent Runs In Your Tights … Spraying them with hairspray does the trick.

d7d280e9-9b43-487b-838e-51d7b6738d7eLet's Wear That

4. Paint Keys With Nail Polish to Distinguish Sets

nailJewel Pie

5. Pack Your Shoes and Keep Your Clothes Clean

a92bdf32-4528-4b5a-9ead-39b63ac5bd83Real Simple
Save those shower caps. They’re perfect for keeping shoes clean and compact in your suit case.

6. Easily Open Stuck Nail Polish Bottle

Add a rubber band to those smooth tops that are hard to open!

7. Add a Clear Coat to Your Rings

5b96c4d0-60d1-46df-8d4c-135c8b0cd0f7Bit Square
Apllying a coat of clear polish will keep your rings from turning your fingers green.

8. Get Natural-Looking Curls With a Flat Iron

7e4e9460-15ff-4e52-a885-8791d162d1dcRamshackle Glam
For gorgeous curls twist your flat iron rather than running it straight down.

9. Keep Buttons in Place

fa6ec812-2fae-4182-827f-806a5c78c856Bulldog Clothing Company
Apply some clear polish to keep your buttons from popping off.

10. Never Lose Bobby Pins Again

b13fcda2-3b48-4ba1-bb56-6b2614b81778Lovely Indeed
Use a tictac or similar container for controlling your bobby pins.

11. De-Fuzz That Pill-y Sweater

7dd94923-6b69-4c23-91b2-23a3377a0510Lark About
Don’t buy a sweater stone a disposable razor works just as well. Use a lint roller afterwards.

12. Dry Your Hair With a T-Shirt


Using a towel to dry your hair can cause frizzy hair instead use a super soft T-shirt.

13. Upgrade Bobby Pins With a Coat of Nail Polish

9d45d8a1-da79-492c-8440-3854697ffb00Hopeful Honey
The barista at my coffee shop does this and it’s super cute.

14. Keep Your Bra Straps in Place

f32fba0d-f421-4cbb-b4dc-9921a9621242Muy Ingenioso
No more awkward fidgeting. Sew in a bra clasp in minutes.

15. Tuck Non-Skinny Jeans Into Boots

0a98e8b8-f850-4d0c-a4f3-17b6e5618d68The Todd & Erin Favorite 5
There’s an art to this.

16. Keep Fly-Aways Under Control

1a494d5d-ba53-4598-9fd1-72a0fb0dbec9Fashion Lady
Static sheets are the perfect way to de-static your hair. It doesn’t leave hair greesey.

17. Add Keys to Your Key Ring Without Breaking a Nail

ffa1ada2-b8bc-4021-97ee-eaa067878d9eMotoring About
I keep one in my nightstand for this very purpose.

18. Use a Shaving Cream Substitute in a Pinch

4f40773a-2245-4e33-ab4d-2851d405e24fabout style
No shaving cream no problem, hair conditioner and baby oil work just as well for shaving.

19. Eliminate Deodorant Marks on Clothing

ca0999a3-bc7c-4a0c-9b99-e2bbd274da5fTaste Style
Dryer sheets to the rescue again.

20. Keep Headphones from Unraveling

398979bc-3d60-40de-9461-4316af327927Life Love Liz
I want to know how they get so tangled in the first place. This was a sanity saver for me.

21. Use a Rubber Band to Perfect Your French Manicure

paper raindrops


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