Gold retrievers, Corgis, pugs, labs—no matter what kind of pooch it is, they’re all so lovable. That’s why it’s hard not to laugh (or get mad) when they do something completely ridiculous.

And if you have a pet dog, you know how often they can get into mischief—sometimes the weirdest, funniest mischief that makes you think “only a dog could get away with this.”

Here are 21 dogs who did just that. Try not to want to squeeze their adorable little faces after scrolling through these hilarious photos.

  1. Trash talker

    This dog has no idea who got into the trash, but it definitely wasn’t him.

  2. Dishwasher monster

    Good ‘til every last drop.

  3. Snowboard regret

    It was fun in the beginning…

  4. Please help me out

    This pup dug that hole, hopped right in it, and then consequently got stuck.

  5. A sticky situation

    Must. Get. Stick. Up. Deck.

  6. Diving right in

    This husky was just walking along and totally forgot he was at a pool. You can just see the regret in his eyes.

  7. Carb lover

    Speaking of regret, there’s absolutely none of that. Bread for days!

  8. Couch dweller

    This one either lost something between the cushions or there’s an odd cheese puff that fell in there last week.

  9. Friendly neighbor

    This one under the fence just wanted to say hello.

  10. Frisbee fun

    Some dog’s paw/eye coordination is better than others. And some…well, for some, it’s worse.

  11. Tight squeeze

    That’s totally where he meant to sit.

  12. Sheep herd fail

    Which of these things doesn’t belong?

  13. Just hanging around

    Curious—is he regretting his decision to leap over the branch, or just taking a relaxing break from playing?

  14. Kitty litter king

    The caption speaks for itself on this one.

  15. Hanger head

    You know what your owner said, no playing hangers in the house!

  16. Stuck in sleeve

    This pup has made a terrible mistake. Once he got in, he realized there was only one way out—and it wasn’t the easy way out.

  17. New backpack

    This guy was way too excited to be on a beach to even notice what he got himself into—literally.

  18. Chillin’

    Hammocks are for relaxing. Do we think this pup is feeling relaxed?

  19. A colorful nap

    This dog innocently took a little nap on the sidewalk—right under some lovely chalk art.

  20. Hello, hedge

    This Shiba could probably be more unhappy about being stuck in this bush.

  21. Over it

    This is basically me after a long day at the office.

How hilarious are these dog photos? Does your dog ever get him or herself into funny situations like these? Share your best dog photos!