21 Simple Ways to Keep Up a Spotless Home

Hate cleaning your house as much as you hate getting your TEETH cleaned? Good news: Just because you are not the cheeriest housekeeper in the world doesn’t mean that you have to live in a shabby pad.

Here are 21 simple ways to help keep your home spotless. For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below!

  1. Mold-free, fresh-smelling towels

    stacked towelsAlan Levine via Flickr

    You wouldn’t believe it, but keeping your towels clean and mold-free has more to do with hanging techniques and proper storage than pricey, store-bought detergent.

  2. White, bright grout


    The secrets to keeping your grout crud-free are likely sitting in your kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

  3. Safe and clean dryer lint filters

    clogged lint screenCitruSolution

    If you’ve simply been picking away your lint in between drying cycles, then you have been doing it all wrong!

  4. Pristine decks

    Washing DeckHometalk

    Keep your beloved chill space dirt and splinter-free with this smart 2-ingredient deck cleaning solution.

  5. Foolproof toilet cleaning routine

    Toilet in green tiled bathroom.dundanim via Deposit Photos

    Not only will this cleanser cut down on scrubbing, it is also made from ingredients that are likely sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

  6. Mold and mildew management

    Mold on the ceilingBane.m via Deposit Photos

    Because not all mold and mildew is created equal, it’s important that you educate yourself on which varieties you can safely wipe away, and which ones need to be removed by a professional.

  7. Flawless stove grates

    Stove Grates EditedLittleThings

    Who knew that the key to getting that dreaded crust off of those stove grates is a freezer bag?

  8. Dust-free ceiling fans

    Pillowcase Cleans Fanehowhome

    What’s a dusty ceiling fan’s worst enemy? Well, a pillow case, of course.

  9. Rust-free stainless steel sinks

    clean sinkbrownpau via Flickr

    If rust is causing your stainless steel sink to lose some of its signature shine, it’s time to bring out the big guns—vinegar and lemon.

  10. Pristine microwaves


    Spaghetti sauce splatters are no match for a sliced lemon!

  11. Crumb-free toasters

    toasterThe Rachael Ray Show

    This uber-frustrating chore can be completed by using an ordinary hair dryer. Why didn’t WE think of that?!

  12. Sparkling enamel dishware

    burntThe Kitchn

    Don’t get caught trashing that food-stained enamel dishware! Just combine hot water with baking soda and let the DIY solution do the work.

  13. Shiny ovens

    cleaning-ovenMitaStockImages via Deposit Photos

    Caked-on stains and burns are no match for this all-natural homemade paste.

  14. Pristine coffee grinders

    coffee grinderSuzette - www.suzette.nu via Flickr

    Believe it or not, this coffee grinder cleaning hack will only take you 10 seconds to complete. You’ll be enjoying your favorite cup of joe in no time!

  15. Cloud-free laminate floors

    CleanLaminateFloorHeaderClean My Space

    If your laminate floors are prone to getting that cloudy, filmy sheen after cleaning, try this fuss-free DIY cleanser.

  16. Spick and span iron

    Clean IronLittleThings

    Don’t let your dirty iron get even an ounce of rust on your clean clothes. This vinegar and salt mixture works wonders for removing offensive build-up that could cause discoloration.

  17. Dust-free blinds

    VacuumingBlindsHeaderClean My Space

    Just because you are cleaning dust and grime from your blinds doesn’t mean that you have to remove them from your window!

  18. Hygienic shower curtains

    WashShowerCurtainwithSaltHeaderakoldunov via Deposit Photos

    Throwing your yucky shower curtain into a wash cycle with a bit of bleach helps remove both stains and germs.

  19. Twinkling mirrors

    ManyMirrorsBathroomDecorListBetter Homes and Gardens via Life As Mama

    Don’t settle for streaky mirrors and windows when the key to glistening glass is all in the wiping technique.

  20. Squeaky clean washers and dryers

    Washing MachinePablo Ibañez

    Unfortunately, these machines are not self-cleaning. But luckily for us, getting them looking brand-spanking new doesn’t take too much effort.

  21. Germ-free laptops

    Cleaning Laptops EditedClean My Space

    Because your laptop keyboard has more stains on it than a toilet seat. Enough said, right?!

We just love that so many of these tutorials use eco-friendly or homemade cleansers. Score!

What do you think of this nifty household cleaning list? Have you tried any of these tricks before? Do you have one that you would like to add?